Welcome to the first of our monthly blog posts where we analyse the recent traffic stats for the top OnlyFans alternatives and compare them to the previous month.

Why do we do this?
When creators are looking for an OnlyFans alternative to join, we think an important consideration is the volume of traffic and the current trend in traffic. Our monthly analyses will highlight both.

Where is the data from?

We use similarweb to analyse the volume of traffic to the top OnlyFans competitors on a monthly basis. While this data is estimated, it is based on real user behaviour and we have found it to be the most accurate tool for traffic online.

WebsiteDec 2021Jan 2022Change
Fansly21.5 Million20 Million-6.9%
ManyVids17.6 Million17.1 Million-2.8%
MYM Fans5.9 Million5.8 Million-1.6%
Just For Fans3.4 Million3.6 Million+5.8%
Loyal Fans2.6 Million3 Million+15.3%
Fancentro2.1 Million2.1 Million0%
AdmireMe1 Million844k-15.6%

January 2022 Overview

In a month where the top 3 OnlyFans competitors by size (Fansly, ManyVids & MYM Fans) saw a decline in traffic, there was significant gains by 2 of the smaller competitors. LoyalFans saw gains of over 15%, pushing their traffic to an impressive 3 million per month and placing them 5th on our list of OnlyFans competitors. Meanwhile, new kid on the block Foxy saw a 30% gain in traffic putting them close to iFans in terms of overall number of users as they chase down a position. 2022 is shaping up to be a great year for LoyalFans, can Foxy make more gains and become a significant player in the content monetisation industry?

3 Responses

  • Gem says:

    So, is Fansly the best option when looking for an OnlyFans alternative, given it gets the most traffic?

    • Avatar photo
      admin says:

      Hi Gem, Thanks for visiting the site.

      It’s a simple question, but the unfortunately the answer isn’t as simple. …

      Traffic is just one aspect to consider if you’re thinking of branching out or moving away from OnlyFans (read more about that here). To give an example, OnlyFans gets masses of traffic (250 Million per month) but without a following and/or heavily promoting your page elsewhere, that traffic will be little help to you due to OnlyFans having poor discovery features.

      If you don’t have a current audience, Ideally you’d join an OnlyFans alternative with high traffic and great discovery features in order to help grow your fans and subscribers. We don’t feel Fansly can boast great discovery features- the search feature seems primitive, there’s no tagging, no directory etc.

      Fansly is a great platform in terms of other features and OnlyFans creators will feel familiar with the look, feel and layout, but much like OnlyFans, there are platforms that do better at helping creators get discovered.

      Long story short, “is fansly the best OnlyFans alternative?”… it depends on the creator.

      We hope that helps 🙂

      • Gem says:

        Yes that makes sense thank you! So what’s the best OnlyFans alternative for creators who don’t have a huge following on other platforms?

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