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  • Great discovery features, even for non-logged in users.
  • UK's #1 fan site. Great for UK creators.
  • They reward and promote active creators across the site.
  • Long established, trusted brand and team.
  • No instant earnings withdrawal.
  • Limited messaging features. Paid messages only.

Traffic stats

Visits Per Month844k
Average Visit Duration3 Mins 55 Secs
Pages Per Visit4.7
Bounce Rate53%
*Traffic volumes and stats are estimated from available data. Last updated February 2022.

Visits by country (Top 5)

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Worldwide brand search last 12 months:

AdmireMe Review

Platform overview

AdmireMe is an exclusive social media and content monetisation platform similar to the likes of OnlyFans and Fansly. The site does not pretend to be something it is not, and is very open that it is an adult themed content site. The concept is that you are either a VIP (a creator who produces adult content) or an Admirer (a fan who follows/subscribers to VIP’s content). 

The website is based in the UK and much of it’s traffic is therefore UK based, but it does have a global audience which is growing all the time. From the traffic analysis from above you will see that the site also gets decent traffic from the USA, Czech Republic, Ireland and France. AdmireMe is owned by Kiwi Leisure Limited, which is based in Wynyard, England and has been operating since 2018. 

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What kind of content is allowed on AdmireMe?

AdmireMe has very little restriction on the type of content that you are allowed to upload. The site itself was started by a glamour model so it’s roots are very much in the more explicit side of social media and content monetisation. Obviously anything illegal is not permitted on the site but if you produce hardcore content and are worried about the potential loss of other platforms (think back to the OnlyFans ban and more recently the AVN Stars collapse) then AdmireMe may well be an option worth looking into.

There are varying levels of content on the site, from lingerie, nudes, softcore and all the way through to hardcore, so it’s a good idea to make sure it’s clear what type of content you produce exactly on your biography.

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What features does AdMire Me have?

Because the website has been active for 4 years, the owners have obviously had time to fine tune their offering and provide an extremely practical and well functioning platform for adult content creators.  

Photos & Videos Pay Wall

As you would expect from any adult content site, AdmireMe has the ability to upload photos and videos and have this content hidden behind a paywall, only visible to those who pay for your monthly subscription. 

admireme review paywall

Premium Store

As a content creator on AdmireMe, as well as your paywalled content, you also get a premium store where you can sell individual videos and clips and predefined prices set by you. 

It’s no secret that one of OnlyFans most frustrating features is its lack of discovery features but most prominent is the under-whelming search results. Thankfully, AdmireMe has excellent search capabilities and the search results are highly relevant. Furthermore, you don’t need and account or to be logged in as a fan (admirer) to perform search on the site meaning casual users are able to discover profiles very quickly and easily. We feel this is important if privacy is an impotant thing for you. However, on the flip side, this enables potential fans to discover you and subscribe to your content. 

Discovery – Hashtag

Any creators who are familiar with AVN Stars will know and understand the power of the hashtag! AdmireMe also has a hashtag feature which allows content creators to add multiple hashtags to each piece of content, making it more discoverable to fans searching for a particular niche, body type of fetish. Again, this is a great tool that OnlyFans does not provide and offers creators the opportunity to grow their audience via discovery features on the website. 

Discovery – Albums

One of our favourite features about AdmireMe is the ability to create folders of content. Unlike many content monetisation platforms where you simply get a wall, or you can group photos together when you upload them, with AdmireMe, you can group lots of photos and videos together that were posted at different times. This enables you to group different styles of shots, videos, fetishes etc together and is a great way of making the right content easier to discover by fans. Anything that creates ease of discovery for specific content fetishes we think is a great tool for creators and AdMire seem to nail this concept on the head. 

Active Rewards

AdmireMe has clever ways to encourage adult creators to upload content and to remain active. For example, once you’ve created 50 posts, you will get featured on the homepage of the site. They even have an “A-List”. To get on the list you need have made over 1,000 posts and remain active on the site for 25 days out of each 30 days. Once you are on the “A-List” the site will start promoting your profile on various pages and parts of the site to drive exposure and subscribers. While this may feel like a big commitment if you’re just starting out, or mearley looking to extend your audience on new platforms, we do feel it may be worth the extra effort to gain the extra exposure that being on the list brings. 

Animated Profile Photo

You may have seen this feature on m mainstream social media sites, where you can post a short video clip as your profile photo instead of a standard static photo. Well AdmireMe has that too and is a great way to entice fans into your page and make your profile stand out a little. 


As well as standard photo and video format posts, you have the ability to create polls. Polls are often a great way to drive engagement. Get creative with polls on Admire Me, the usability and design of the polls is good and it’s a nice little feature. 


You can connect your Twitter account to your Admire me account and it will post tweets after particular events of your choosing. This is a great way to automatically populate your twitter feed, as well as automatically market your content and profile to new users via Twitter. This setting is optional. 

Admireme features, navigation and review

Is AdmireMe easy to use for creators?

AdMire Me VIP is very easy to use for creators. The User interface is clean, minimal and intuitive. Although the look and feel is very different from OnlyFans, if you’re comfortable with that site, you’ll have no problems using Admire Me. 

Setting up your profile is quick, easy and hassle free and the verification process seems very quick, usually within a few hours. So if you don’t like hanging around for 48 hours to become verified then that’s a great little bonus of this particular fan site. 

Maintaining your profile, uploading content, replying to messages, editing your bio etc is all very simple, even for the less tech savvy amongst us. Admire Me has done a really excellent job of making the creator’s user interface simple and intuitive which is one thing we absolutely love about the platform. Coupled with the sleek front-end and pastel colours of the design, the site comes across as very professional, trustworthy and high quality. 

Although there is no Apple or Android app for the platform, the website is responsive to all screen sizes. We have tested across desktop, table and mobile and the uploading of content and general administration of your profile was sleek on all screen sizes. 

The navigation is all very self-explanatory and well designed so finding your way around the site and it’s features is simple with little to no learning curve to get going.

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How to make money on Admire Me?

There are multiple ways to make money on Admire me, all of which are pretty standard to most exclusive social media sites and content monetisation platforms:


Your main content feed is behind a paywall and for admirers (fans) to access that feed and the content they must pay your monthly subscription fee. In order to grow your revenue and retain your fans it’s important to regularly update your feed with new content and give your fans what they subscribed for. Too little fresh content and you might well find that you’ll lose subscribers after one month. 

You set your own subscription price on AdmIre and it can be anything from £3 and upwards. Most creators charge between £5 and £30 for access to their feed. Worth noting is that although it’s a UK site that operates with GBP as the base currency, users can aslo switch to USD and EU if that’s their native currency. 

Premium Posts

Premium posts are a way to monetise content  for both paid subscribers and non-subscribers. So for example, you may want to post some really good or long videos as “premium”. Subscribers will have to pay extra to gain access to these posts but also browsers of your profile page could uncover your premium posts too. 


Fans can also send creators tips at their own discretion. Most platforms facilitate tips via messaging on the site but that’s not available on this site. Rather, messages are charged at a rate set by the creator. 


Similar to other platforms, you’re able to set subscription offers at various levels. This is a great way to `”hook`’ new subscribers in with a discount and hope that they stick around and stay subscribed after the initial offer period expires.

Admire Me Rev Shares

The rev share is 80/20. That means AdMire Me VIP take a 20% of your monthly earnings which is standard across the industry and similar to other sites like OnlyFans. That 20% pays towards payment processing, website development, hosting and maintenance.

Withdrawing Earnings

Payments are automatic and happen on the Monday in which your payments are due. You can view the dates and expected payments dates from your Admire me dashboard, simply go to payments > payouts. 

The payment cycle is a little confusing as it allows for chargebacks and settlements, so you won’t receive your payments for a little while (up to 7 days) but rest assured, once the payment cycle period is over, you’ll get your monies in due course. 

Prevention against fraud and privacy

Admire me have a dedicated DMCA support email address and help service. If you find your content distributed on sites you have not given permission they will help you get it taken down. That email is as follows DMCA@admireme.vip.

Is AdmireMe good for fans?

Some of the bigger platforms are not particularly “fan friendly”. For example, they may lack discovery features or it’s difficult to find new creators unless you have a direct link to their profile page. 
Where Admire Me really excels is making the platform simple, easy and intuitive to use for both creators AND fans. As explained above, fans are able to quickly, easily and effectively find new creators to follow and/or premium content to buy.

The design of the site is slick and is responsive across all screen sizes. For fans, using the site is a pleasure and having access to view and browse makes for a more enjoyable experience. The design, features and functionality of the site is definitely one of it’s best selling features and we’re confident that fans will enjoy using the site and finding creators. Navigating the site is easy and making changes to fan accounts is simple too. Overall, it’s a great experience for fans.

 Does Admire Me have good customer support?

The site has an extensive FAQ section covering all sorts of questions about account management, payments and any issues that you may run into as a creator.

There is also a contact form on the site where you can request support over any technical or other issues. We tested the response time of the customer support more than once and on both occasions we had a resolution presented to us within a couple of hours which we think is pretty good. Overall the support seems excellent.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Admire me is a great platform, especially if you are a UK creator or looking to expand your reach in the UK. Competing with a big market dominator like Onlyfans can be difficult as brand awareness is such a powerful tool. However, we feel that as a platform, the suite of features, the ease of use and the slick design make the platform an excellent choice and a great OnlyFans alternative for creators looking to either get started or expand out to new avenues. The biggest drawback of the site is the lack of messaging system (messages are paid), so some fans may be put off by that as for example, on OnlyFans, messaging is part of the benefit of subscribing to a creator’s profile. Other than that, we think Admire will continue to grow on its excellent offering and over time will become more and more popular not just in the UK but worldwide.

If you’re based in the US and you’re looking to establish on a platform with a more local demographic, we suggest you take a look at our Fansly review. European or french creator? Definitely read our MYM Fans review.

2 Responses

  • Missy T says:

    I was actually on AdmireMe waaaaaay before I was on OnlyFans. Both drive around the same revenue for me now, but as a platform I much prefer AdmireMe and feel like it’s my real home.

    If OnlyFans go ahead and reverse their explicit content ban, Admire Me is where I’ll be found. Great platform that actually helps you get new subscribers (unlike OnlyFans)

    • Avatar photo
      admin says:

      We think OnlyFans biggest flaw is the lack of discovery features, one example being the search function doesn’t even work properly. It’s basically a platform where you can monetise your pre-existing audience.

      Sites like AdmireMe actually help you gain new fans and subscribers. It’s a refreshing change if you’re used to the OnlyFans way of doing things 🙂

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