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  • Affiliates drive traffic to your profile (if you're opted in).
  • Large social media following not necessary to succeed.
  • Subscription tiers to maximise income.
  • Free access to Centro University.
  • Minimum amounts for withdrawal differ by payout method.
  • User experience could be improved.
  • High traffic bounce rate versus other platforms

Traffic stats

Visits Per Month2.1 Million
Average Visit Duration1 Min 44 Secs
Pages Per Visit2.85
Bounce Rate60%
*Traffic volumes and stats are estimated from available data. Last updated February 2022.

Visits by country (Top 5)

fancentro review top countries

Worldwide brand search last 12 months:

Fancentro Review

What is Fancentro?

Created in 2017, FanCentro is an American online platform that allows adult content creators to monetise their social media and exclusive content. Creators can make money by selling a monthly subscription or lifetime access to their content. An alternative to OnlyFans, FanCentro helps you build your audience from within the platform, rather than relying on an existing social media following. The platform allows content creators to engage with fans by chatting one-on-one, sharing exclusive content, posting on a private media feed, livestreaming, and more. A proud supporter of the rights of adult content creators, FanCentro is committed to providing them with the tools to succeed. The platform even offers free education with Centro University which has helped thousands of adult creators succeed on the platform.

Are there any content restrictions on Fancentro?

When OnlyFans initially announced the ban on sexually explicit content, FanCentro was one of the first platforms to step up and reassure the world that they would never ban adult content. The platform even helps you migrate all your existing content from other platforms such as OnlyFans, making the migration a lot easier and appealing.  If you are an adult content creator, this platform will not censor your content. However, like on any other law abiding platform, you must follow their content standards. Depictions of the following are banned:

  • Illegal activity
  • Non-consensual activity
  • Blood or torture
  • Urine or excrement-related material
  • Alcohol or drugs

To see the full list check out section 9 of FanCentro’s Terms of Service.

What are the features for content creators on Fancentro?

FanCentro Feed

FanCentro allows you to create subscription tiers which is the main way to make money on the platform. You can charge higher prices for more exclusive content, as well as charge affordable prices for other content in order to attract more subscribers. You can also make use of the Free Trials option, meaning fans who cannot resist get to trial your content, before (hopefully) extending it into a full paid subscription. If they do decide to cancel, FanCentro has retention offers that allow you to offer fans a lower rate to stay. This is very innovative and unseen on any other platform.

Subscription Tiers

A useful feature that other platforms like OnlyFans also provide is subscription tiers. With FanCentro, you can have different subscription options with a variety of price points. This allows you to cater to fans who might want access to more exclusive content and can afford to pay a higher price for this.

fancentro review subscription tiers


FanCentro is regularly updating its platform by adding new features that help content creators grow their audience. The Stories feature is the most recent addition. This feature allows content creators to post stories on their profile, the same way influencers do on Snapchat or Instagram. The Stories disappear after 24 hours and are the perfect place for creators to tease their exclusive content.

fancentro stories reviews

Domain names

The list of unique features on FanCentro are quite impressive! You can personalise your profile by hosting it on your own domain name. This gives your profile a professional look and helps with your personal branding, making sure your viewers always remember your domain. All you need to do is register the domain with a domain provider and then connect it to your profile. To do so, go to your settings and click “connect to an existing domain”.

Centro University & Success Coaches

FanCentro is the only platform to have actually launched a free educational platform, Centro University. You will get free access to this valuable knowledge and learn from success coaches with firsthand experience. The courses consist of video classes and livestreams that will teach you how to run an influencer business. Many of the mentors are adult content creators so you will get useful advice that applies to the industry.

Geo-blocking / IP blocking

Want to hide your content from potential coworkers, acquaintances, family and friends? You can use FanCentro’s geo-blocking feature that blocks a location or IP address blocking to prevent users from accessing your content. Although other platforms are starting to offer in this feature, FanCentro is a lot more useful. While on other platforms, if you live in France and want to block your family members from finding your profile, you cannot do this without blocking yourself. On FanCentro, you can easily block the location and add the exclusion of your IP address so that you can still browse your page.

How can creators make money on FanCentro?

how to make money on fancentro reviewed

FanCentro allows you to create subscription tiers, the main way to make money on the platform. You can charge higher prices for more exclusive content, as well as charge affordable ones to attract more subscribers. You can also make use of the Free Trials option so that fans cannot resist extending their subscription. If they do decide to cancel, FanCentro has retention offers that allow you to offer fans a lower rate to stay.

Social Media Subscriptions

You can also make money by charging for access to your premium social media such as Premium Instagram and Premium Snapchat. This is a good way to make money and even convert free fans on Fancentro into paid subscribers elsewhere.


Clips are an easy way to make money and also a form of passive income, once you set them up. These are video clips that fans can purchase for whatever price creators set. Some creators actually make these free for followers to entice fans to subscribe, but this is up to you. 

fancentro clips review

Communication tools

FanCentro’s communication features allow you to monetise your connections in a convenient way. You can send DMs with locked or unlocked content to both your paid subscribers and free followers. With locked content, viewers will have to purchase the content to see it. You can also schedule mass DMs that send locked content to your followers, allowing you to make some passive income. Creators can also have a sexting option on your profile that you can charge for or engage in for free with subscribers only. Livestreaming is also a great way to make money. You can choose to livestream to both unpaid followers and subscribers. We recommend the latter to maximise your income and make sure that those followers realise what theyre missing out on and join your paid monthly subscription.


FanCentro makes tipping convenient under Tip Me on your profile. Fans can show their devotion to you by tipping you some extra cash, on top of their subscriptions. You can also send your fans a direct link to your Tip Me page if you’re feeling cheeky 😉

fancentro tip feature reviews


If you want to earn 10% of FanCentro’s share of another creator’s revenue, you can make use of the platform’s referral program. All you need to do is share your link with potential creators and motivate them to sign up for the platform. The revenue you make is added to your FanCentro balance and paid out like the rest of your income.

fancentro referral program reviewed

Introducing Centroprofits! 

You can promote your profile within FanCentro, making this a top platform for creators without a large social media following. The best promotion tactic on FanCentro is their dedicated Affiliate Marketing program. Affiliate programs connect you with affiliates (professional promoters) who promote your profile and social media. In turn, you all take a percentage of the revenue. FanCentro is unique because the platform has its own program called CentroProfits that connects you with thousands of affiliates looking to promote you. Each affiliate will get a tracking link that leads people directly to your page. With CentroProfits, the creator gets 50%, while FanCentro and the affiliate get 25% each. This may seem like a large chunk of revenue to give away but remember, this only applies to new subscribers bought to you via affiliates, your standard subscription and any fans you bring to the platform you’ll get 80%. For having your account marketed for you, you’re essentially paying -30% in your earnings.

centroprofits review

You should also make use of promo features on FanCentro such as adding your own domain to your profile. This allows you to create a brand for yourself and improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so that you increase your traffic. FanCentro also has a Banner Generator feature that allows you to create custom banners for all your socials. This is an effective way to create brand awareness so that viewers remember your profile, as well as social media. 

Payouts and withdrawals on FanCentro 

FanCentro takes 20% of your revenue, leaving you with 80%, just like OnlyFans. This was recently decreased from 25%. Payouts are made every Tuesday, but only starting after the third week of being active on the platform. The required minimum amount to payout differs by the payout method chosen. FanCentro offers the following payout methods and minimum amounts to payout: 

  • Paxum $50
  • Check  $100
  • Wire  $1250
  • ACH $100
  • SEPA $290 
  • USDT Tron/TRC20 network $500
  • USDT Ethereum/ERC20 network $2000

What about FanCentro’s usability for creators? 

FanCentro has a clean website design and is super simple to use, no tech knowledge required. You can quickly set up an account and get verified in less than 24 hours. The platform makes it easy to upload content, livestream, message fans, and more. FanCentro is not available as a mobile app, but it is also catered to tablets and smartphones. You can upload your content from anywhere. FanCentro has also recently catered to international creators, making sure the interface now features five more languages – Spanish, Dutch, Russian, French, and Arabic. However, while on OnlyFans, every action is automatic, on FanCentro, the creator must do the work. When a fan subscribes to your page, you’ll be sent a notification and need to manually allow them to view your content. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

Is FanCentro good for fans? 

With its innovative features, FanCentro is a quality platform for fans. Fans can find features such as the Feed and Stories that you won’t find anywhere else. They can also purchase exclusive clips and interact with creators on a more personal level through private messaging. Fans can also easily browse and find new creators, even those who do not have a large existing social media platform. They can also cancel their subscriptions at any time.

Does FanCentro offer good customer support?

FanCentro goes above and beyond when it comes to creator support. Under Help on your profile, you can access a FAQ section with hundreds of questions answered on payment, posting and more. Alternatively, you can email support at support@fancentro.com or contact them on Facebook or Twitter. But what makes FanCentro’s support truly special is that you can actually have a personalised session with success coaches to help you on your journey. Adult content creators with experience on the platform can teach you the best way to maximise your payouts and traffic. You can contact these success coaches at success@fancentro.com.

Prevention against fraud and piracy on FanCentro

FanCentro has measures in place to fight against fraud and privacy. The platform will help you remove stolen content from external websites, all you have to do is report it by emailing 

dmca@modelcentro.com. FanCentro will also ban users who commit fraud or piracy so they definitely have your back. The platform also has a two-factor authentication (2FA) system in place to add an extra layer of security to your profile. This prevents pirates from stealing your sexually explicit content and posting it on websites and forums.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to find an alternative to OnlyFans that supports adult content creators, this platform is definitely worth your consideration. FanCentro helps you build your audience as an influencer without needing to have hundreds of thousands of existing Instagram followers to actually make a buck. FanCentro offers innovative features such as subscription tiers, stories, and the option to connect to your own branded domain name. This platform features promotion tools that help creators make a name for themselves and increase brand awareness, including a fully fledged affiliate program, if you’re looking for sites like OnlyFans to make money, then Fancentro is a serious contender and should be on your radar right now. . However, there is room for improvement. The platform has fixed minimum amounts to payout depending on the payout method and should improve their user experience to make certain aspects more automated.

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