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  • Ability to provide content previews to encourage paid subscribers.
  • Various paid subscription tiers that allow creators to meet varying fan budgets.
  • Ranked #1 OnlyFans alternative for traffic.
  • %5 Referral scheme (drops to 1% after 12 months).
  • Some features can be complicated for new fans.
  • No item selling.

Traffic Stats:

Visits Per Month20 Million
Average Visit Duration3 mins 37 secs
Pages Per Visit4.34
Bounce Rate30%
*Traffic volumes and stats are estimated from available data. Last updated February 2022.

Visits by country (Top 5)

Fansly traffic demographic review

Worldwide Brand Search Last 12 Months:

Fansly Review

Adult creators need a platform that acknowledges them, the content they create and the value they bring to the platform. Fansly does just that and is designed to meet the needs of adult content creators, providing them with the features and system to benefit them.

What is Fansly?

Fansly is a subscription-based social media site that hosts adult content and is owned by the American company Select Media LLC and CY Media LTD in Cyprus. 

What was once a small unknown content monetisation platform, Fansly.com has recently seen a surge in popularity, after OnlyFans announced a ban on sexually explicit content back in August of 2021. That same month, Fansly’s website crashed due to a large amount of traffic coming into the platform. The platform reported 4,000 new creator sign-ups an hour! Since then the platform has continued to grow as a popular OnlyFans alternative and now receives 21 million visits per month.

Despite OnlyFans reverting the decision to ban explicit content, many adult creators have still made the move from OnlyFans to Fansly. Since then, the platform has implemented more features and made system alterations that make it a solid competitor and strong OnlyFans alternative. Fansly has also announced that the platform will never turn its back on adult content creators, working to prioritise their requests. Such values unfortunately seem to be missing in the industry.

Is Fansly Legit?

Backed by a registered LLC company in the USA, the website generates over 21 million visits per month and has a suite of innovative features for creators and a number of initiatives to protect their privacy and copyright. Fansly is very much legit and a serious contender for best OnlyFans alternative.

What are the Pros and Cons of Fansly? 

Pros of Fansly

Free Content for Followers

Fansly is innovating the ways in which adult content creators attract fans and make money. The platform allows fans to follow content creators for free, a feature that is nonexistent in most followers. This means that in other platforms, to make good money, content creators have a strong social media following to advertise their profiles. On Fansly, creators have more freedom to promote their profiles and encourage fans to subscribe through free content. Creators can use an emoji of their choice to censor parts of a photograph for free followers while removing it for subscribers. Creators can choose a one-time price that free followers can purchase to have the emoji removed and see the picture.

Fansly reviews

While some could argue that free content is not a good thing, it is natural that fans would be reluctant to pay for a creator’s content without some sort of sneak peek. This feature has helped thousands of sex workers who may or may not have a strong social media presence gain subscribers. 

Besides the option of free content for followers, Fansly offers innovative paid subscription tiers so that creators can maximize their earnings and meet the varying needs of fans. This is a game-changer in the industry. Creators can set up subscription tiers with five different price points where fans can get access to exclusive photos, videos, and lives depending on their selected subscription. This offers a large range of earnings for creators. For the regular subscription tier, creators tend to charge between $5 and $15 per month, while for a more exclusive tier creators tend to charge $100+.

what is fanly?
fansly paid subscription tiers


In May, Fansly launched a referrals feature that helps creators earn more money and grow their following. This includes two features, referring a fan or a creator. When you refer a fan to your page with your affiliate code, you earn 1% of all their purchases on the platform for 90 days. When you refer a creator, you earn a whopping 5% of a creator’s sales for a year when they use your creator referral code. After a year, your percentage decreases to 1.5%. The money a creator makes from referrals comes directly from the platform, it does not come out of the pockets of fans and creators. This is by far one of the best referral systems out there. It shows that Fansly understands that sex workers are the ones building up traffic on the site and that they should be compensated for it.

what is Fansly referrals?

Cons of Fansly

Brand Recognition

However, there is one major con Fansly still cannot overcome – a lack of brand recognition. This is an issue all adult creator platforms face competing with a major platform like OnlyFans with over 50 million registered users. Fansly is essentially the little man competing against a massive billion-dollar corporation. This makes building a strong fanbase harder. As a creator, at times it might be difficult to convince audiences to subscribe to a platform that they have never heard of. However, keep in mind that while to be successful on OnlyFans, a solid social media following is usually necessary, Fansly has other ways to grow a fanbase like the free follower feature. 

Limited Payment Options for Fans

A con of Fansly as a platform is that fans are only able to pay using a credit or debit card. This is alarming as Visa and Mastercard have left sexually explicit websites such as Pornhub. If they decided to do so with Fansly, creators would take a hit. The platform also does not accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. However, Fansly has announced that they are working towards accepting other payment options such as PayPal, Amazon, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay. 

Item Selling Restrictions

While other platforms like OnlyFans allow you to sell certain items such as worn panties, this is banned on Fansly. Considering many online content creators find that this niche provides them with a hefty stream of income, this ban is definitely a con. Creators have reported making anywhere from $20 to thousands of dollars selling a single panty. Any worn items are banned on the platform. In fact, to sell any kind of item Fansly recommends creators check with support beforehand to make sure there is no violation of rules.

How Do Creators Make Money on Fansly?

There are many ways to make money on Fansly. First, you can generate income from your unpaid followers. These fans can purchase a post for a one-time fee that you select, where they can view a photograph without the restricted emoji. These followers could also one day become paid subscribers as their support for you grows. Second, the best way to make money is by setting up multiple subscription tiers where fans can access exclusive content at differing prices. You can charge high rates for VIP monthly subscriptions. Third, you can also make some extra income by communicating with your fans via DMs. Unlike OnlyFans, Fansly responded to one of their most requested features and since April 2021, creators can now set up pay messaging. Not only can you get paid for messaging a fan, but they can also send you suggestions for brand new content that could generate extra cash and tips. Finally, you can make money off of Fansly’s referral system, where for the first year when you refer a creator, you get 5% of their sales.

How Much Money Can You Make on Fansly? 

According to the platform, top creators on Fansly make over $10,000 a month! Making big money is possible, but we do not know what the average income is for those that are not considered top creators. Fansly also takes a 20% fee, meaning creators are left with 80% of subscription and direct sale earnings plus referral earnings. 

The key to making a substantial amount of money on Fansly is to increase subscriptions. The more fans subscribe, the more money you make. Therefore, promoting your profile and creating regular content is important. We also recommend finding your niche. Whether it’s cosplay or a specific kink, you can promote these on niche-specific websites to generate traffic to your profile. 

What Are The Payout Options for Creators on Fansly?

Fansly offers three payout options, via Bank Transfer (ACH/SEPA), Skrill, and Paxum. Initially, you could only payout above $100, but this has recently been decreased to $20. Unlike many other platforms, you can payout as often as you would like and there are no set dates each month. It can take up to 3 business days for creators to receive their money.

Fansly payout methods

What Kind of Content Can You Post on Fansly? 

There is a wide range of content published on Fansly, not just sexually explicit content. From non-sexual content relating to music and food, as well as non-nude content like bikini photos, creators are finding success in many areas. You will also find that Fansly is relatively kink and fetish-friendly. The platform welcomes niches that are at times banned on other platforms. However, certain types are forbidden such as any content that depicts violence, lack of consent, or any illegal behavior. Check out the full list of banned content on Fansly’s Terms of Service (S4). If you breach these terms you might be suspended or terminated from the platform.

Are Creators Protected from Fraud and Piracy on Fansly? Is Fansly safe?

Fansly is committed to protecting content creators from piracy and fraud. These are important issues in the adult site industry as VICE reports that the trade of pirated OnlyFans porn is on the rise. All content creators, but particularly adult content creators, deserve a platform that ensures their content remains private and is commercialised solely by them. 

Fansly has recently invested resources to tackle these issues on its platform. They have implemented features that make it harder to download content, in comparison to other adult content platforms. Fansly also has a secure Two-Factor Authentication system, an extra layer of security. This system makes sure that people trying to gain access to an account are who they say they are. This way, hackers with stolen passwords are not able to log into user and creator accounts to steal content. Is Fansly safe? It’s a safe as any other platform out there and they’re actively working on ways to improve the safety and privacy for creators.

Does Fansly Offer Good Customer Support?

Fansly’s customer support motto speaks for itself: “We’re here for you all day, every day”. The fastest way to contact customer support is through Fansly’s Twitter. You can also select the “support” button on the bottom right corner of Fansly’s website and type your query in the chatbox. 

fansly customer support

Alternatively, you can email the platform at support@fansly.com. They are relatively fast at responding this way, we tried it out ourselves and got a response in under two hours. The employees you will be in contact with are clear, friendly, and are incredibly knowledgeable on everything related to the platform. From payments to specific terms of service, no question is too complex for them to answer. However, keep in mind that they do not offer phone support. 

Final Thoughts 

Our verdict is clear, Fansly is one of the best adult site platforms out there as they quickly adapt to the needs of content creators. If you’re looking for an OnlyFans alternative then Fansly will likely cover your needs. As a platform it’s very similar to Onlyfans and thats why it made it to the top of our sites like OnlyFans list. Time and time again, Fansly has made the necessary improvements to sustain a large number of creators and fans moving over to the platform. From innovative features such as paid messaging, a fair referral system, and subscription tiers, Fansly is taking the industry by storm. However, keep in mind that no platform is perfect. As a recent platform created in 2020, Fansly lacks brand recognition and certain features such as more diverse payment options like cryptocurrency. Despite all its good, there is room for improvement. If Fansly continues on its current path of listening to the requests of sex workers, this platform will naturally grow into a market leader. 

8 Responses

  • Bella says:

    I love Fansly! I think the various subscription levels is an interesting idea but I do wonder if it’s perhaps confusing for fans who are moving across from OnlyFans. Other than that, really great platform, similar to OnlyFans in many ways and I’ve managed to grow a strong following and decent revenue.

    • Avatar photo
      admin says:

      Hi Bella, thanks for the comment. We think you might be right about the various subscription levels. It certainly took us some time to get our heads around and we’re not convinced that fans want to spend their time trying to work out what the various subscription levels entail. Perhaps this could be improved with better UX and design.

      Good luck on your Fansly journey and thank for visiting 🙂


  • SexyGermanGirl says:

    I love Fansly. Yes first it’s not easy to set all permissions right. But afterwards it’s just a good platform. Especially the free trial links are good to advertise and I love my fans there. Keep up the good work whichfansite! Your SexyGermanGirl

    • Avatar photo
      admin says:

      Agreed, apart from the permissions, it’s a very intuitive platform to get accustomed to and a good option for those seeking an alternative without a steep learning curve.

      Did you encourage your fans across to Fansly, or are you running OnlyFans and Fansly simultaneously?

  • Tara says:

    Thanks for providing this Fansly review, I’m very tempted to start a profile there now. Do you think OnlyFans will ban explicit content again? I have a decent following on OnlyFans and I’m worried trying to bring fans over to Fansly might fail. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place… OnlyFans doesn’t feel secure but moving to Fansly is also a risk. If anyone has got any advice please let me know!

    • Avatar photo
      admin says:

      I’d say this….

      IF OnlyFans does decide to reverse the decision and ban explicit content, then what is a better option:

      1) Frantically trying to set up and encourage your fans across from OnlyFans to Fansly after the news has broken


      2) Get set up on Fansly now, establish a fanbase, build out your library and encourage fans across (if you want to).

      You’ve nothing to loose setting up on Fansly (other than your time), but this is a business you’re running right! There’s no real downside to diversifying your income on another platform.

      As to whether or not OnlyFans is likely to ban explicit content at a future point in time, we kind of covered that here: https://whichfansite.com/why-do-creators-look-for-onlyfans-alternatives/. We think it’s quite likely they will.

  • KT says:

    Not sure why Fansly was able to absorb so many OnlyFans creators. Personally I don’t like it, it’s clunky and confusing. I prefer LoyalFans.

    • Avatar photo
      admin says:

      Hey, Thanks for visiting KT

      We think there was either a bit of luck involved (or some well managed planning)…

      Fansly got picked up and spoken about a LOT on the popular Reddit creator subs, just at the time OnlyFans broke the explicit content ban news. This would have driven significant interest and traffic as some of these sub reddits have 250k+ creators.

      We think Fansly is a great platform, with good traffic but agree with you that LoyalFans is a really strong competitor too. What is it in particular that you like about loyalFans?

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