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  • 81% rev share.
  • Kink friendly.
  • Rich feature set.
  • Strong eccomerce capabilities.
  • Low traffic
  • Mediocre customer support.
  • Missing piracy support/documentation.

Top Rated Fan Platforms

Traffic - 20 Million Per Month
Rev Share - 80/20
Note - Similar interface to OnlyFans
Traffic - 5.8 Million Per Month
Rev Share - Various
Note - The "European OnlyFans"
Traffic - 17 Million Per Month
Rev Share - Various
Note - Rich feature set

Traffic stats

Visits Per Month91k
Average Visit Duration1 Min 32 Secs
Pages Per Visit2.9
Bounce Rate46%
*Traffic volumes and stats are estimated from available data. Last updated February 2022.

Visits by country (Top 5)

foxy.co review

Worldwide brand search last 12 months*:

*There are multiple brands called “Foxy” with various top level domains so this data isn’t necessarily representative of the Foxy content monetisation platform.

Foxy Review

Platform overview

Foxy is one of the highest paying fan platform for creators out there (marginally) at a 81/19 split, and allows content creators to monetise their content with features such as Subscriptions, Live Video Chat, Snapchat Subscription and many more. However, this platform is relatively new so current traffic levels are low compared to other OnlyFans alternatives. However, engagement rates such as average time on site and a low bounce rate suggests that usability is good and the traffic is engaged with the website.

Does Foxy have any content restrictions?

Sexually explicit content is allowed on Foxy. The platform appears to be BDSM and kink-friendly, according to the Terms of Conduct. However, like most adult content monetisation platforms, content that depicts illegal activities, horror, defecation, urination, blood, non-consensual sex, non-blurred public sex, and more are banned. You risk getting your account suspended or permanently deleted if you break Foxy’s conduct rules. While the platform is open to SFW creators as well, the focus of the site is adult content creators.

What features does Foxy have? 

Model & Video Directory

The model directory is essentially the discovery page for creators. This is where creators can get discovered by potential fans and subscribers. The video directory allows fans to find top-rated videos by creators. It’s apparent that Foxy as a platform have put a lot of effort into providing useful, effective discovery features. This is where OnlyFans famously falls short- unless you have a large social following it’s hard to become successful on OnlyFans. New platforms like Foxy have really focussed on improving discovery, meaning even if you have little to no pre-existing audience, you can potentially be found by new fans, followers and subscribers.

foxy.co foxy review


Foxy makes engaging with your fans an easy and enjoyable process via a private and secure messaging system. Foxy allows creators to message fans privately, as well as mass message fans with the “Send All” feature. You can also make money through the chatbox by setting a price per message, photo, or video sent. You can set this price by altering the amount in your Chat Default Message Price in your dashboard. The price can be anywhere from $0 or $100 per message sent and received.

whats is foxy foxy.co

Feed Subscriptions

Foxy’s feed subscriptions are basically a Free & Paid page in one place. If you’ve been running 2 accounts on OnlyFans, you’ll understand why this is a much needed feature! Fans can subscribe through a monthly fee to view your posts and videos freely, as well as splurge some extra cash for premium content. An asset to this platform is that creators can upload content of any size, unlike other platforms, there are no file size restrictions meaning creators can upload long videos without any issues.

Snapchat Subscriptions

Further to feed subscriptions, fans can be billed monthly to access a premium social media content. From Snapchat to Kik, creators can set any price they wish to allow fans to view stories, posts and and content on other social platforms. This is a great way to make extra revenue, provide more exclusive content and offer a more personal service to subscribers.

foxy premium snapchat subscriptions review

Stream, Download, or Both

Foxy allows you to be in charge of all of your video content. You can choose whether fans can stream or download your videos, as well as do both. While other platforms might only allow fans to stream videos, with personalised content, for example, downloading is usually automatically allowed.

Customise Your Profile Page

Foxy has enabled content creators on the platform a level of flexibility in regards to their profile page which we have not seen on any other platforms and we’re really impressed. For example, you can customise your bio into different sections, include various links to other sites and even customise the navigation on your profile page to include various links. You can choose which items should be featured on your page but also offers the standard customisation tools such as including header and profile images. Overall, this is a really strong aspect to the creator experience on the platform.

foxy customisation

How can creators make money on Foxy?

how to make money of foxy foxy.co


Adult content creators can make money on Foxy through two different types of subscriptions: feed and social subscriptions. Creators can price these as they wish, while on other platforms, there’s a restrictive maximum amount. With a feed subscription, fans pay a monthly fee to access the photos and videos you post on your feed. With a social media subscription, fans pay to access your premium Snapchat or Instagram posts.

Premium & Customised content

Creators can also price their premium content so that all fans, including paid subscribers, pay a one-time fee to access exclusive videos and photos. Creators can videos that can be streamed and/or downloaded, as well as photosets. Although this can generate some extra income, generally speaking, on fan platforms, customised content is where the money’s at. Fans can message creators to request a personalised video and photoset, such as one fulfilling a specific fantasy or kink. Creators tend to price these by the minute, often selling custom content for hundreds of dollars.

foxy premium content reviews

Sell products

Adult content creators can also make money by selling products on their profiles. Foxy states that you can sell anything you want, as long as it’s legal. From a personalised print photo to worn panties, you can sell and price these products as you wish. Foxy offers full this ecommerce functionality for creators, a feature not really seen on other OnlyFans competitors. If you’re looking for sites like OnlyFans to make money, Foxy offers some really great features to help drive revenue.

Communication Tools

Foxy’s communication tools allow you to make money while connecting and engaging with your fans. The platform’s video chat feature allows fans to pre-purchase a 1-1 live video session which creators will determine the price and time prior to the chat. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, Foxy does not have a livestreaming feature where you can live chat with many fans, only a 1-1 option. Creators can also make money by charging fans for receiving and sending messages (sexting).

foxy.co 1 to 1 chat and live video review

Referral program

We love when fan platforms make it easy for creators to make passive income. Foxy’s referral program is simple to understand. All you need to do is send your referral link to potential creators and then you earn 5% of their total sales for life.


Creators can also make some extra cash by receiving tips from fans. Fans can spoil you on your page, as well as after video chats, messaging or any item on your feed. This is why it’s useful to remain engaged with your fans and keep those tips rolling in! Fans can tip starting at $2.

How can I promote my Foxy profile? 

Foxy has clearly thought out and useful discovery tools which could potentially be useful for creators with little to no social audience. However, the site is relatively new in the space and therefore not currently experiencing any decent level of traffic versus the more established platforms. The best way to promote your Foxy page is by sharing it on social media. Bring your followers to the platform and convert them into paid subscribers. Foxy allows you to set up Twitter Promotions where every time you post, a teaser is posted to your Twitter with a promotional message. Creators can also create discounted trials where for example, a fan get 5% off for a 7-day subscription. The platform also allows you to connect your own domain, you just need to contact support to get this done.

Payouts and withdrawals on Foxy

The platform takes 19% rev share, the lowest fee we have seen out there, leaving creators with 81%. However, the minimum payout requirement is $100, one of the highest we’ve seen amongst the popular OnlyFans alternatives. Creators from the US can payout via Skrill, ACH, and wire transfers, the latter costing them an extra $35. European creators can payout via Skrill. Payouts happen between the 1st and 15th, as well as the 16th to the end of the month.

How easy is Foxy.co to use for creators? 

Foxy reminds us of OnlyFans in terms of user experience and website layout. If you are familiar with OnlyFans, switching over will be a walk in the park. However, their feature set is far richer and offers far more monetisation opportunities than OnlyFans. Creators can find everything they need from their earnings, payouts, and top fans, all in one place under “Dashboard”. We discovered that becoming verified can take a while but it is a simple process. The website design is clean and minimalist. Usability is good and the site is intuitive to use. The creators of this site have certainly executed a great UI and are offering creators a great set of new and intuitive tools for content monetisation. We have experienced a few glitches using the site, but being a new newer platform, we’d expect these to be ironed out in due course.

Is Foxy.co good for fans? 

Foxy has a range of ways in which fans can engage with creators and access their content. From 1-1 live videos, custom videos, and sexting, Foxy has almost every feature you can think of. It’s a well structured and well thought out site for both creators and fans. However, due to the lack of traffic in comparison to other platforms, fans my be disappointed with the number of creators on the site. We will expect this to grow as the platform is poised to grab more market share as more creators discover the platform.

What’s Foxy’s support like? 

Foxy’s support is slightly disappointing. While the platform has an FAQ section, there are missing answers to many questions that creators may have. You can contact the platform on Twitter, however received no reply. Alternatively, you can contact support at modelsupport@foxy.co. The platform does not have a chatbox where fans and creators can message support 24/7 unlike some other platforms.

Prevention against fraud and piracy on Foxy

We could not find a single page on the subject of piracy on the site, such as where to report pirated content and whether Foxy would take matters into its own hands to protect creators. This was disappointing. Platforms like MYM Fans, and Just For Fans for example, will help you remove pirated content from external websites and even take legal action if necessary. 

Foxy does have a “Visibility & Privacy” section. Here, adult content creators can set their profiles to public, private or hidden. The public profile will show up everywhere, including search engines like Google. The private profile will not show up on the Model and Video Directories, but can still be shared through your URL. The hidden profile will not appear anywhere on the platform and cannot be viewed by third parties. You can also block certain countries and states from viewing your profile.

visibility and privacy on foxy.co review

Final Thoughts

We can’t deny that almost every single feature a creator is looking for, Foxy has it. Being able to sell personal items such as used panties and sex toys is a much-needed feature that is missing from the industry. Adult content creators can also make passive income through the lifetime referral program, as well as upsell customised videos, exclusive social media access and many more great features. The platform has the potential to become one of the best out there due to it’s features, usability, user-experience and one of the most generous rev share models. However, traffic is currently an issue. The site has good discovery features, but don’t expect to gain masses of new fans or tap into a new audience until that traffic increases.

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