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  • Designated copyright team.
  • Unique internal affiliate system.
  • Get promoted online via the "Marketing Vault" .
  • Rich feature set.
  • $200 minimum payout (outside US)
  • 70/30 rev share from livestreams
  • Low traffic.

Traffic stats

Visits Per Month111k
Average Visit Duration1 Min 15 Secs
Pages Per Visit2.8
Bounce Rate41%
*Traffic volumes and stats are estimated from available data. Last updated February 2022.

Visits by country (Top 5)

ifans review

Worldwide brand search last 12 months:

iFans Review

Breaking new ground with an internal affiliate system, iFans offers useful features such as paid messaging and livestreaming, helping adult content creators monetise their audience and grow their community.

What is iFans.com?

Founded in 2020, iFans is a recent platform that made waves at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although traffic is still to reach anything like that of it’s established competitors like Fansly or MYM Fans, it is clear that this platform was built by creators for creators. A hotspot for adult content, as well as fitness and modelling content, this platform is open for all. Think of it as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook all in one. iFans is best known for its innovative referral system and its money-making features which we will get into in a moment. iFans states that creators can make over  $1,000 a week simply by uploading content and messaging fans.

What kind of content is allowed on iFans?

Most content is allowed on iFans, from nudity to BDSM, as well as non-sexual content such as fitness and beauty. iFans is versatile and has a variety of different content creators on the platform. However, as an adult content creator, keep in mind that nudity is not allowed on your profile photo or cover photo, only in your posts and messages. Creators must also follow iFans’ guidelines that ban content such as the depiction of blood.

Features on iFans


iFans has a livestream feature that is available for subscribers, as well as for public view. The public livestream option is open to unpaid followers and is a great way to convert audiences into paid subscribers. With a private live stream, creators have 3 options. First, they can go live to followers who have not subscribed. Second, creators can go live to subscribers only. Third, creators can go live to a list of people curated by them with between 1 to 1000 viewers. iFans recommends that creators do not showcase entirely exclusive content on private livestreams so that viewers are more enticed to subscribe. In contrast, private livestreams are where creators should showcase more exclusive content to reward loyal fans.

ifans livestreaming reviews

Subscriber content

While iFans is not a subscriber platform alone, this is its main feature. Adult content creators can share photos, videos, and texts that are hidden behind a paywall. Much like the majority of OnlyFans alternatives, these are unlocked by paying a monthly subscription fee. iFans recommends having a wide variety of content available to paid subscribers from contests, personalised videos, interviews, and vlogs.

ifans.com reviews

Premium content / Pay-to-view

Pay-to-view content allows creators to sell premium content to subscribers and followers alike. These are high-value images and videos that must be paid through a one-time fee to be unlocked. From a sext to a homemade sexually explicit video, adult content creators can sell any premium content they wish on iFans.

Creator collaboration

iFans allows you to collaborate with other creators which is a perfect way to make sure you are putting fresh content out there, as well as targeting niches beyond your usual catchement. If you are working with someone from iFans, you must tag them in your posts and direct messages. All you need to do to tag a creator is @ their username or include a link to their profile. If the creator does not have an iFans account, they will need to share a copy of their ID to be verified before the content is posted.

How to make money on iFans

how to make money on iFans

Different types of content pricing

There are three types of posting options that can help you make money: free for everyone, subscribers only, and pay-to-view. With the first option, anyone on the platform that follows you can access the content for free. iFans recommends keeping this type of content short, with 5 to 15-second snippets of a full video or content explaining what followers can expect if they subscribe. For those creators familiar with running multiple OnlyFans accounts (one paid and one free) you’ll understand why this is such a necessary feature for a modern adult content monetisation platform.

With the second option, subscribers can access your content for a monthly fee. Creators must set their price anywhere between $5 and $50. However, iFans offers subscription bundles that allow fans to subscribe for multiple months at a discount from anywhere between 5% to 50%.

ifans.com subscription bundles review

Creators can also sell pay-for-view content to fans where they must pay to unlock a given photo or video. Adult content creators can price their exclusive content as they wish, in contrast to subscription fees. Pay-to-view is also useful when fans request customised content such as a video that fulfils a particular sexual fantasy, fetish or niche.

Communication tools

iFans offers communication tools that help you monetise your engagement with fans, such as livestreaming and messaging. As we mentioned earlier, you can start a private or public livestream. Both of these are a solid way to make money, especially through tips. With a public livestream, creators can entice fans to become paid subscribers to their feed. However, if a fan subscribes to you through the public livestream that is open to all, iFans takes a 30% commission on all payments this fan makes to you. Creators can also sell access to their direct messages and price these as they wish. Moreover, they can maximise their revenue by sending pay-per-view mass messages of photos and videos that fans can purchase to unlock.

iFans Referral Programme

Creators can refer other potential creators to the platform and receive 5% of their revenue. There are no earning caps or restrictions on the number of referred creators, unlike other platforms.

iFans referral program explained

iFans also has an innovative internal affiliate system where you can promote other creators in the following three ways:

  • Mentioning the other creator in a post caption
  • Mentioning the other creator in a direct message 
  • Listing the other creator on the “Suggested Creators” section 

You will then receive a 40% commission of all the subscription and tip revenues from the referred creator. This is a unique feature to iFans and one we really like here at WhichFanSite. While other sites like OnlyFans restrict the cross-promotion of other creators, iFans flip the whole thing on it’s head by rewarding the referring creator. This is a great way for the platform to encourage internal cross-creator promotion. Very clever stuff.


Loyal fans can tip you up to $200 in a single tip and you keep 80% of tip revenue.

How to promote my iFans page? 

iFans recommends sharing your profile link on existing social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, as well as anywhere you have an audience. Creators can also promote their profiles from within the platform through the internal affiliate programme. You can get other creators to promote your profile, although this will come at the cost of a 40% commission. iFans will take an extra 20%, leaving you with 40%.

Creators can promote you by tagging you in content, as well as by listing you in their “Suggested Creators” section. 

The marketing vault

iFans have just launched a new system where webmasters can also promote your profile for a 40% cut. Simply upload your media and promo images to “the vault” where online webmasters and digital marketeers can choose to promote you online.

Payouts and withdrawals on iFans

iFans creators receive 80% of their revenue from subscriptions, paid messages, and tips. Creators receive 70% of the revenue from public livestreams. If you refer another creator via the internal cross-creator promotion system, you receive 40% of their revenue, while they receive 40% and iFans takes 20%. 

The minimum withdrawal amount will depend on your payout method but is usually $20 for US creators. For creators outside the US, the minimum withdrawal amount is  $200 which is very high in comparison to other platforms. Depending on your payout method, you can payout manually or through automatic recurring payments. To payout manually, you can request your payout whenever through the “Request Withdrawal” button in your profile. Automatic recurring payments can be set to monthly, weekly, or even daily (as long as your balance is above the minimum withdrawal amount).

payments and withdrawals on iFans review

How easy is iFans to use for creators? 

iFans provides a similar user experience to OnlyFans so if you’re coming over from the platform, you’ll enjoy a familiar experience. The user interface is intuitive and the website’s layout and navigation makes it easy to discover the platform’s features. From your earnings, messages and referrals, you’ll find everything you need quickly, simply and with a few clicks. The verification process is straightforward: complete your profile, upload ID documents, complete a W-9 form if you reside in the US, and wait to get verified. Unfortunately, iFans does not have a mobile app, but the website works well on both desktops, smartphones, and tablets. This allows iFans to keep upgrading their features, without forcing users to remember to update an app.

What’s iFans’ customer support like? 

iFans has an online Help Center where fans and creators alike can search through over 50 Help Answers. There’s also an iFans’ YouTube channel but currently has very limited support content on it. If you still have a question unanswered, you can contact the support team through a contact form under “Contact Us” on your dashboard. Alternatively, you can also contact the platform on Twitter.

iFans Twitter

Prevention against fraud and piracy on iFans

Prevention against fraud and piracy on iFans

iFans is committed to fighting content piracy, particularly when it comes to adult content. The platform has a designated Copyright team that issues formal takedown notices if your content is found stolen on external websites. Not only does the team issue notices for websites and hosting services, but they also notify search engines so that these can be removed. All of this is free! To report an incident of piracy, creators can send all the details to dmca@ifans.com, including screenshots. iFans also encourages creators to contact the external website directly as, at times, the legal process through the Copyright team can take a while. Moreover, iFans offers both Geo blocking and IP Blocking, where creators can block users in a certain location or with a specific IP address from accessing their content.

In conclusion

For a fan platform that was only founded in 2020, iFans provide a suite of innovative and useful features for adult content creators including the internal affiliate system that allows creators to work on their promotion together within the platform. Millions of Instagram fans might not be necessary to succeed on the platform if you use such a feature correctly. The platform has also invested in the online safety of creators, creating a Copyright team to help deal with piracy incidents for free. Although the platform is open to all creators, it’s clear that iFans caters to adult content performers. From collaborations with other creators and a livestreaming feature, iFans is a platform to keep an eye on once brand recognition has grown and the website receives more significant amounts of traffic.

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