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  • Made by a creator, for creators.
  • Kink friendly.
  • Strong LGBT community.
  • Decent traffic.
  • $50 minimum payout.
  • Bi-monthly payouts only.
  • Outdated design.
  • Unintuitive usability.

Traffic stats

Visits Per Month3.6 Million
Average Visit Duration2 Mins 24 Secs
Pages Per Visit3.14
Bounce Rate54%
*Traffic volumes and stats are estimated from available data. Last updated February 2022.

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Just For Fans Review

About the platform

Just For Fans (also known as Just Fans and JFF) is a popular content monetisation site and was set up specifically to cater for adult content creators by founder Dominic Ford in 2018. As such, the site offers a more comprehensive adult experience than many other OnlyFans alternatives which also cater for mainstream content producers. Also, while not specifically dedicated to the gay community, Just For Fans has a large userbase of gay men, both creators and fans. If you’re a gay content creator then Just For Fans may well be the best platform to grow your audience and revenue streams. However, all creators are welcome and there are thousands of successful straight men, LGBT and straight women on the site.

What content is permitted on Just For Fans?

Being an adult dedicated platform, Just For Fans has less strict rules about the types of content allowed to be published than it’s competitors who also cater for mainstream content. For example, many kinks that are frowned upon or banned on other platforms such as: Asphyxiation, lactation, water sports, fisting, ageplay, and incest roleplays are all permitted on the site. If your content fits into any of these fetishes, or if your content is of a more “hardcore” nature then Just For Fans may be a good option for you as an OnlyFans alternative. Of course, anything illegal is not permitted to be published on the site.

What features does Just For Fans have?

Paywalled Feed

Like most exclusive social media sites, creators can create private content by uploading photos and videos to their profile page. In order to access this exclusive content, followers or fans must become paying subscribers. This is a standard feature that you would expect from any Onlyfans alternative

Live Web Cams

For a while, Just For Fans did not have a livestream feature, but the platform listened to adult content creators and quickly added this much needed feature after requests from the community. You can price these as you wish, either by requiring a subscription, a fee per minute or making them totally free. The platform also allows you to have another creator perform on a live webcam with you if they go through the verification process. 


Aside from paid subscribers, content creators on Just For Fans can make use of the store feature. Here, you can sell premium content such as videos, and even personal items such as used underwear. Adult content creators can also sell merch, toys and access to premium social media accounts such as snapchat. Fans simply pay a fee to unlock these products.

just for fans review

Exclusive performers

If you join the exclusive performers program on this platform, not only do you get an extra 5% in revenue but you are also given access to special perks. You will get a special JFF exclusive model badge on your profile which signals to fans that you are a top creator. Fans will also more easily find you on the platform, as you will have a top placement on the Recommendations Page. Apart from helping you increase your overall traffic, the JFF exclusive program makes you one of the first creators to try new innovative features. To be eligible, Just For Fans must be the only fan platform that you use. However, you can still work with porn studios and live cam sites.

just for fans exclusive model review

Charitable Giving Program

Just For Fans is the only adult content platform where creators can donate directly to a charity. Although other platforms have a similar feature, it is usually up to the creator to donate a part of their income on their own. On this platform, fans know for sure that the money is being donated as Just For Fans does this automatically. Over $100,000 have been donated to charities such as Black Lives Matter and the HIV League. Creators can pick from a list of 9 charities that have been selected by the platform as they reflect the diversity of the adult content community. Just For Fans is actively looking for new charities to add to their list, so feel free to suggest some. 

just for fans charitable giving review
just fans charity reviews

How to make money on OnlyFans as a creator


The easiest way to make money on Just For Fans is by charging a monthly fee for fans to access your content. There are three types of pricing you can choose from:

  1. Monthly subscription: For a one month subscription you can charge anywhere between $4 and $50. You can also offer 3 and 6 month subscription packages that offer your fans a discount.
  2. Profile and premium snap: Here, you have the option of charging fans to access to your Snapchat posts alone, or both your Snapchat posts and your profile.
  3. Tiered one-month pricing: This allows you to have multiple tiers such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold where you charge different prices depending on what you offer. The Gold tier could include free sexting and personalised content, making it a lot more expensive.
just for fans tiered subscriptions


A great way to make money is by adding a phone number to your profile so that you can sext your fans. You can charge per text, per photo and per video (that you send and receive). You can also choose to only allow subscribers to sext you or make this feature open to all.

JustForFans sexting

Referral programs

Just For Fans has a referral program where creators make 5% of the lifetime revenue of another creator they refer onto the platform. However, Just For Fans’ referral program is not clearly explained on the website and it seems like it is not the most intuitive feature.


You can also make money by getting tipped by your followers. Fans can tip any amount they wish and are more likely to be generous if you offer personalised content, message them regularly and remain engaged on the platform. Just For Fans takes 20% of your tip revenue, just like any other content.

Custom Content

Another great way to not only make money but also to connect with fans is by selling custom videos. Fans can request a personalised video on your profile by clicking “Buy Custom Videos”. Creators can have a list of special features that fans can add to the request for extra fees. Creators can also charge more if the fan wants the video within a specific timeframe, such as in less than a week. 

just for fans custom video options

How to promote my Just For Fans page? 

If you don’t have a large social media presence, promoting your Just For Fans page could be difficult. Sharing teasers of your content on Instagram stories and Twitter will help you convert an existing following into paid subscribers. Just For Fans actually has an autotweet feature that allows you to tease content, without having to post directly on Twitter, which is a nice touch. But since not all of us are influencers with millions of followers, you might need to just utilise what the platform has to offer to increase your visibility. Under the “My Promotions” section in your profile, you can send promo links and codes to followers to incentivise them to purchase your content and re-engage them with your page. The platform also has a feature called JFFEvents, where they sponsor parties around the world and partner with companies to promote the brand and celebrate the content creators on the site.

JFF events review

Just For Fans also has a Performer Spotlight, where they randomly select creators to be featured on a promotional spotlight on the platform. You can apply by filling out a questionnaire under “spotlight questions” in your options tab. Creators can only get featured up to once a week.

justforfans spotlight reviews

Payouts and withdrawals on JFF

Just For Fans take 20% of a creators revenue. Exclusive performers get 85% of the revenue, so 5% more. These are creators who use Just For Fans as their only fan platform.

The minimum payout amount is $50, which is quite high in comparison to OnlyFans, where it’s only $20. Creators can select to payout either once a week or once a month, which does not offer much flexibility. Unlike other platforms such as Fansly, you cannot request payouts whenever you like. Just For Fans pays out via Bank Transfer for creators in Canada, Australia, Mexico, the EU, the USA, and the UK. Creators from all other countries can only get paid via cryptocurrency or Paxum.

Just For Fans usability for creators

The designs feels outdated and usability isn’t great. Using and becoming familiar with the features on the platform might not come naturally to you. To sign up as a performer, you must do so through an existing Twitter account (which we feel is an odd requirement and a potential barrier to new creators). If you do go down this route, make sure that you are not signing up as a fan, as this can easily be done due to confusing UX. The interface is also unintuitive and it’s hard to understand where to even get started. From features such as messaging or just simply setting up subscription prices, it’s hard to find your way around this platform. Unfortunately, Just For Fans doesn’t have a clear FAQ section that could go some way to solving some of these issues.

As a fan platform, does Just For Fans deliver?

Just For Fans is particularly popular with American users and the website’s US traffic seems to be increasing. The platform makes it easy for fans to discover creators that they’re attracted to with search filters, as well as make use of discounted promo codes. Fans are clearly enjoying the platform, although they only spend an average of around 2:30 minutes on the platform. This is much lower than on OnlyFans, where fans spend over 4 minutes. Just For Fans tends to be the platform of choice for gay fans as there is a strong gay creator community on the platform as well as LGBT community.

What’s Just For Fans’ customer support like?

You can contact the support team by emailing support@justfor.fans or clicking the “help button”, as well as through Twitter. The team is pleasant to speak to, providing fast and knowledgeable responses in less than 30 minutes. However, it’s a shame that while other platforms have a variety of resources so that creators do not need to contact support at all, Just For Fans is falling behind. Most of the queries creators have should be answered in a simple FAQ that is unfortunately not available on the platform.

Prevention against fraud and piracy

While Just For Fans might not perform quite as well is in some respects versus it’s competitors, when it comes to fighting against fraud and piracy, they’re leading the charge! The founder, Dominic Ford is highly committed to anti-piracy in particular, as he also owns a company called Porn Guardian, created to tackle this issue in the adult industry. Just For Fans has a partnership with PiracyStopsHere.com, another anti-piracy company to protect its creators. If you find that your content is being published onto external websites, report it here and they will make sure it gets removed. In 2019, the platform also announced the release of an anti-piracy tool called “JFF Fingerprinting” for certain creators that are regular targets of piracy. All exclusive performers now have access to this anti-piracy feature. This tool embeds user information into all videos streamed and downloaded from the platform. On the subject of piracy, take a look at our MYM Fans review, they’ve introduced an extremely simple but very useful tool in the battle against piracy. They watermark each image with the fans username instead of the creators username. That way, if it’s shared, you can see which user account shared the content.

In Conclusion

Just For Fans is a great platform for those with a large social media platform, as well as those who exclusively use the website and get to keep 85% of their revenue. The platform is one of the best out there in terms of anti-piracy, doing everything in its power to protect adult content creators. Just For Fans caters to the LGBT+ community, particularly gay men, but is open to anyone in the industry. Despite having quality features such as sexting and a premium content store, the user experience isn’t amazing and it’s definitely not a platform for those without thousands of existing followers on Instagram.

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