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  • Experienced in the adult industry
  • Innovative promo tools
  • Not necessary to have a large social media following
  • Minimum $50 payout
  • Payouts only twice a month

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Visits Per Month3 Million
Average Visit Duration2 Mins 20 Secs
Pages Per Visit3.36
Bounce Rate49%
*Traffic volumes and stats are estimated from available data. Last updated February 2022.

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LoyalFans Review

What is LoyalFans

The founders of LoyalFans have over 30 years of experience in the adult industry. With its cutting edge features and commitment to creating a safe space for creators, this platform is one OnlyFans will be keeping their eyes on!

Based in the UK the platform caters to all types of creators in differing industries and it’s refreshing that this platform has been built to fit the needs of adult content creators too. The platform allows fans to purchase premium content from creators. Unlike OnlyFans, LoyalFans does not require you to have a large social media following to succeed. 

Along with its deep knowledge of the adult industry, LoyalFans is committed to providing content creators with a safe place to create, connect, and grow their community. LoyalFans values each creator, fan, and team member. The private company states it does not take the corporate path to the business, instead, focusing on creating meaningful interactions and a positive environment.

What kind of content is allowed on LoyalFans? 

LoyalFans advertises itself as a fan club platform for all types of content. However, it is clear that this platform caters to adult content creators as the founders have used their knowledge of the adult industry to build LoyalFans. This platform is pretty lenient, but still, make sure to follow LoyalFans’ Terms of Service. The following content that could potentially be sexually explicit is banned on LoyalFans:

  • Horror, snuff films, and necrophilia
  • Real or fake blood
  • Asphyxiation
  • Non-Consensual sex
  • Urination or defecation
  • Fraudulent sexual activity (such as part of sex trafficking, escorting, etc.)
  • Hardcore bondage or BDSM where all four limbs are bound when there’s penetration
  • Underage material

What features does LoyalFans have? 

LoyalFans makes it easy for creators to be discovered when fans search for creators on the platforms. You do not need to meet endless algorithmic criteria to rank well. While platforms like OnlyFans require you to have an existing social following to convert them into paid subscribers, LoyalFans allows you to build your fanbase on-site and organically. You can also use keywords that reflect your content, maybe a niche, to maximise the traffic to your profile.

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Personal widgets

One of our favourite features of this platform is the personal widget option. Creators can add widgets to their profiles to show their interests to fans, such as their favourite movies. This little personal touch can go a long way and act as a way for fans to connect with creators.

Promo tools

LoyalFans has developed three main promo tools to help you grow your following and make as much money as possible. First, the platform has an attractive referral program. You get 5% of the revenue of creators you refer. This allows creators to not only make money but help others grow their community through an effective promo tool.

Second, you can add a promotional video to your profile that is 15 to 30 seconds long to attract subscribers. This short video replaces your profile image and it auto plays whenever you go live. 

Third, LoyalFans allows you to connect to your Twitter and manage autotweet settings. This way, tweets will be automatically sent out after posting or at certain times. This is an easy way to promote your profile on Twitter and convert social media followers to paid subscribers.

LoyalFans promo tools review

Communication tools

LoyalFans also makes it easy to communicate with fans and at times get paid to do it. The mass message feature allows creates to message their followers, subscribers, and/or former subscribers all at once. The message gets delivered individually to each member, so it is not a group message and still feels personal. 

communication tools on Loyal Fans review

Adult content creators can also set up automated messages that go out in specific scenarios. For example, you could make it so that after a fan tips you, they get an automated message that you have personalised. 

The platform also introduced a shout outs feature in 2021 allowing fans to request unique videos from creators. This feature is similar to Cameo but is rarely applied to the adult content industry, making it an innovative feature.

loyalfans shout outs

How can creators make money on LoyalFans? 


The main way adult content creators make money on LoyalFans is through paid subscriptions. Through a monthly subscription, fans have access to premium content such as text, photos, and videos that others need to purchase individually. You can set your monthly subscription cost anywhere from $1 to $50. The platform also has a convenient subscription discount feature. Creators can choose to provide discounts in percentage or number of days free, at the amount of their choice. This can help content creators generate more income from subscriptions.

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Premium content

You can make money from fans who have not yet subscribed. You can charge them to view your premium content and hopefully even convert them into subscribers. You can charge up to $500 for a single text, photo, and video post. You can also make money from fans who have not subscribed through chats and live-streaming.

Chatting With Fans

Messaging your fans is an easy way to make money on this platform. Content creators can make money by choosing to charge per interaction. You can mass message followers, subscribers, and/or former subscribers, as well as message each individually. You can also send voice messages and free content in the messaging feature. You can also send locked content that fans can choose to open with a fee you select. Creators can also make money by activating the private video call option on their profiles. You can charge anywhere from $1 to $30 a minute. You might also make some extra cash here as fans tip you for such personalised content.


LoyalFans also has a livestream feature where you can make money through tips. All you have to do is click the “go live” button on your profile. You can choose to set your broadcast for subscribers only or make it public. Creators can also set a financial goal for the livestream so that viewers are encouraged to tip.


While on other platforms you might make 1% for a year after referring a creator, LoyalFans’ referral program can actually generate you steady income. After referring a creator, you get 5% of their revenue for a lifetime. Also, the creator who you referred does not lose 5% from their income. That 5% comes from LoyalFans cut of their earnings (from their 20%).

loyalfans referral links program scheme affiliate review

Shout outs

Shout outs, a recent feature, is one of the best ways to make money, one that is not available on all platforms. Imagine someone is looking for a birthday present for a friend or a fan just wants to watch you do something specific. Shout outs meet the demand for such personalised content. You can maximise your income by allowing your fans to request these unique videos that you make just for them. Make sure to recognise the worth of such content and charge higher prices for your time.

How to promote my LoyalFans page? 

You can promote your LoyalFans page both on-site and off-site. Creators can make use of the promo tools, such as the promotional video, referral program, and autotweet settings. These have proven successful for creators. Although you do not need a social media following to be successful and can make use of these features, it’s always helpful to promote your profile on social media. However, do make sure that you are following the guidelines of each social media platform, as most do not allow nudity or sexually explicit content. If you post consistently and advertise exclusive content, you can convert some of your social media followers into paid subscribers. 

Payouts and withdrawals on LoyalFans

LoyalFans takes 20% of creators’ earnings, a standard amount in this industry. This includes all of the revenue creators make including subscriptions, live streaming, video store sales, and messaging.
The platform uses the following payout methods: ACH, wire transfer, SEPA and Paxum. Pay outs are made twice a month at the minimum amount of $50. The first payment period is from the 1st to the 15th of a given month. The second payment period last from the 16th to the last day of a given month. It can then take up to 7 working days for creators to receive their money. The platform’s pay out system can be quite inconvenient as other platforms allow you to pay out whenever you want and at a lower minimum amount.

Payouts and withdrawals on LoyalFans

How easy is LoyalFans to use for creators? 

LoyalFans offers a convenient user experience and the website is very easy to navigate. Creator reviews often congratulate the company on building an uncomplicated website that is suitable for new adult content creators to use. The design is quite aeshetically pleasing and signing up as a creator is a fast process. It takes less than 24 hours to be certified on the platform.

Is LoyalFans good for fans? 

LoyalFans is a great platform for fans. First of all, the website makes it easy to sign-up and create a fan account. You can create a free account, without needing to put in your credit card details. This gives you instant access to the platform. Fans only need to spend money if they find creators they would like to subscribe to or content they would like to purchase. Fans can also add personal touches to their profiles which allows them to stand out. Just like content creators, fans can add their favourite movies and other personal touches to help connect with creators. The LoyalFans site also provides a pleasant experience for fans, as the website provides good usability and user experience.

What’s LoyalFans’s support like?

LoyalFans has heavily invested in their creator support. In fact, the company states that one of its core values is being committed to open and timely communication with creators. If you click the “support” button on your profile it takes you to a creator FAQ that has the answers to most queries. From detailed information on earnings and teaching you how to set up an account, you’ll find everything on there. The platform also has several videos to help you understand how to navigate the platform such as a “how to livestream” video. You can also use their webchat for customer support and contact the platform’s team on Twitter and Instagram. We contacted the platform’s support team and had a pleasant experience, with a fast response time.

loyalfans support review

Prevention against fraud and piracy on LoyalFans 

LoyalFans has demonstrated its commitment to preventing fraud and piracy by partnering with BranditScan. BranditScan is a piracy and brand protection service that helps LoyalFans creators protect their brand from online threats. If a single creator wanted to subscribe to their services, this would cost at least $40 a month. Creators on LoyalFans get this service for free through this partnership. The company will remove any content saved from your profile and shared on external websites. BranditScan will also takedown any fraudulent catfish accounts, remove any unwanted content from Google, and even get daily reports about those trying to use your brand name for their own benefit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an alternative to OnlyFans or it’s your first time navigating adult content platforms, LoyalFans is certainly a great contender! The founders of the UK company have over 30 years in the adult industry and have built a platform that puts the needs of creators before business. The company is committed to creating a space where creators can grow their community and create meaningful interactions with fans. As a platform, they put their money where their mouth is. LoyalFans has heavily invested in features that allow creators to make personalised content such as messaging and shout outs. While their main focus is fostering connections, it seems that their website is able to provide creators with a platform to maximise their income and grow their brand. It’s refreshing to find an adult content platform where creators do not need thousands of social media followers to succeed.

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