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  • Long established.
  • Kink friendly.
  • Unique features.
  • Strong anti-piracy tools.
  • Confusing, expensive rev share models.
  • Bi-monthly payouts only.
  • $50 minimum payout

Traffic stats

Visits Per Month17.1 Million
Average Visit Duration4 Mins 31 Secs
Pages Per Visit5.6
Bounce Rate48%
*Traffic volumes and stats are estimated from available data. Last updated February 2022.

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ManyVids Reviews

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ManyVids Review

What is Many Vids?

ManyVids was founded in 2014 (yes pre OnlyFans) by CEO Bella French, a former adult content creator who felt like those in the industry were treated badly with little to no regard for their emotional and financial well-being. The fan platform aims to build an inclusive and diverse e-commerce site for all that is judgment-free and sex-positive. ManyVids is a one-shop stop for all things adult content. From selling items such as panties, chatting with fans and an integrated social media network, the platform has everything a creator needs to succeed. On top of that, it has significantly more traffic than other sites like OnlyFans at 17.6 million visits per month (at the time of writing).

Are there content restrictions on ManyVids?

ManyVids supports all adult content creators and embraces all sexual fantasies, including kinks and fetishes that are many times banned on other platforms. If your content has led you to be banned from other platforms, ManyVids could be the right fan platform for you. While their terms of service does not ban any BDSM content that might appear violent, you cannot engage in any type of illegal behaviour on the platform such as soliciting prostitution. However, the support team at ManyVids do flag content that might be disturbing for certain viewers. If this is the case, a warning sign will be displayed, but the content can still be viewed.

Features on ManyVids.com 


Clipsite is essentially Amazon for adult content. You set up your own ecommerce store where fans can pay for products and services. This is a great place to also have some free content that is SFW to attract potential fans and give previews of your content. The clipsite is not subscription-based. Instead, your fans pick out what they would like to purchase, just like ordering food off a menu. You can sell videos, personal items, and more.


Many Vids’ fansite is where fans can go to subscribe to your regular content, like Snapchat. Adult content creators will regularly post content such as photos and videos, and fans pay a monthly subscription to view these. Your fans will probably initially come from your clipsite and once they have enjoyed your content, will move to your fansite as paid subscribers. Think of it like this: your clipsite is your Instagram feed and your fansite is your Instagram stories where you update your fans more regularly.

VIP FanClub

VIP FanClub is ManyVids’ official subscription tool for content creators. Creators can charge fans a monthly fee to obtain exclusive access to photos, videos, and messages. Fans get access to exclusive content that is not viewable to others on the platform and bring them closer to your more intimate moments. You need to first post 5 videos for sale before launching this feature. You can set it up by selecting “my content” and then “add/edit services”, where you’ll find “VIP FanClub Option”. Creators can also offer a trial period for those that are subscribed to the Fansite and want to try out the VIP FanClub at a reduced rate.

manyvids review

MV Flyer

ManyVids’  messaging tool is called MV Flyer and it allows creators to send DMs to their fans with photos and videos, as well as messages, promo codes, and more. You can only message a fan that follows you. Fans do not pay to see your messages and respond to them. 

MV Flyer ManyVids Review. What is ManyVids.com

How can creators make money on ManyVids?

The founder of ManyVids designed the platform to help adult content creators generate a healthy passive income. Creators can access many streams of income, from the referral program to selling items on the MV store.

how to make money on manyvids


Creators can monetise their fansite, a private channel where they frequently post content, and fans pay a subscription fee to view their feed, similar to a paid Snapchat. Fans can then access shorter videos, fun messages, and photos that you post on the go. This feature is particularly helpful in the first of use, where creators get paid 90% of their revenue. You can price the subscriptions as you which but the recommended price is between $4.99 to $39.99 per month.

MV Store

A lot of fan platforms out there prohibit creators from selling items, which is a shame in terms of genersting extra income beyond digital content sales. ManyVids allows you to set up an MV store where you can sell anything you want, including physical items such as used panties. You can get very creative with this feature. You can even upload a photo of your favourite drink from Starbucks and call it “Spoil Me With a Drink” so that your members send you the funds for you to enjoy your favourite latte. To set this up, go to “my content” and then “create store item”. 

manyvids store reviews

MV Live

Creators can make a lot of money by livestreaming via the MV Live feature. Creators can start up a room where they perform live for fans while promoting new services and videos. This is a great way to interact with fans and lead them to send you tips. MV Live has a feature called The Wheel which helps increase participation, fan engagement and ultimately, tips. This is a prize wheel game where fans tip to get a chance of winning prizes such as exclusive content or discounts. 

Content creators can also live stream directly from their smartphones or tablets with the MV Live Mobile camming feature. Also, the top 25 MV Live earners of the month are rewarded with crash prizes by the platform.

top 100 mv live stars review

Custom Vids 

Fans can also request custom videos made especially for them. You can have a list of special requests that fans pay for such as anal or BDSM for example. Most adult creators on manyVids charge higher prices for custom videos than they do for the rest of their content.

manyvids custom vids review


Adult content creators can make money from the Pay-To-Open feature where they can send exclusive content to a fan through MV Flyer, the messaging tool. Consider it the ManyVids version of OnlyFans’s PPV messaging if you’re familiar. Although MV Flyer is usually free for fans, you can always use this feature for special content. The fan is only charged for this content when they pay the fee to open it. However, be aware that the payout rate for Pay-To-Open messages is 60%.

Referral program 

ManyVids’ referral program, MV RevShare allows creators to make passive income by recruiting new creators to the platform. All you need to do is share your unique referral link and you will receive a 5% commission from their generated revenue. You can find your link under “MV RevShare” in your “Earnings” tab. However, it is unclear whether the 5% commission comes from the new creator that has been referred or the platform.

manyvids referral program links reviews


Under the Make It Rain button, loyal fans can tip you any amount they would like and creators keep 80% of the tip revenue.

How to be successful on ManyVids.com

One of the best way to promote a ManyVids page is via your Instagram and Twitter accounts. Putting in the effort to increase your following on social media will help you succeed on ManyVids but also other content monetisation platforms. You can link your Twitter to your ManyVids account so that your sales are auto-tweeted if you wish. This way, you can promote your content on Twitter without automatically. The platform also has a FanClub Promo Blaster marketing tool where every time you sell a video, a promotional post is generated and auto-posted to your feed. You can link your Twitter to the Twitter Promo Blaster so that this post is also automatically posted on your account. Content creators can also create promo and discount codes so that more fans are motivated to pay for content.

manyvids promo tools reviews

ManyVids Payout Options

The payout percentage on ManyVids gets a bit complicated. The amount will depend on the sale type, unlike many other platforms. The lowest percentage content creators get is 60% which is one of the lowest we have come across. Here are the full payout percentages:

  • Videos 60%
  • Store items 80%
  • Custom videos 80%
  • VIP FanClub 80%
  • Membership 60%
  • Text Me / Vid Chat/ Call Me 80%
  • Fund Me / Make it Rain / Tribute Me 80%
  • Paid Contest Votes 60%
  • Pay To Open 80% (VIP FanClub) or 60% (PM and MV Flyer)

Payouts on ManyVids occur automatically on the 1st and 16th of the month once you have met the minimum earnings threshold of $50. You must reach the payout before 7 PM EST the day before payout so that you receive your money. This payout amount and frequency is quite inflexible and could be stressful for those who are solely dependent on the platform for income. ManyVids offers payouts through Direct Deposit, Bitsafe, Paxum, and Comospayment.

Is ManyVids easy to use for creators?

ManyVids offers an intuitive user experience for creators with a simple website design. Everything you need is organised in one page, from your marketing tools to your earnings and content. This is not one of those platforms where you’ll need to spend hours just to figure out how to get started. The verification process is fast and it only takes a few hours for you to be verified on the platform (given there’s no issues with your identity photos etc)

manyvids usability for creators

Is ManyVids good for fans? 

ManyVids is a great platform for fans. Fans can join for free and pay for the content they wish to view, subscribe to the creators they like, request personalised videos, and more. The platform makes it easy for fans to search for creators that match their fantasies and model types through detailed filters. Fans can also pay an extra fee to become Premium members. With this feature, they get exclusive access to watch blocked previews, unlimited messaging, as well as a badge on their profile that makes them stand out as loyal members. Fans can keep their privacy intact during livestreams where they can tip anonymously. The platform also allows fans to pay with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

What’s ManyVids’ customer support like? 

ManyVids has one of the most comprehensive FAQ pages out there, with member and creator specific queries. Any question that comes to mind, the platform’s FAQ will have a detailed answer. ManyVids’ support team is also available in the live chat 24/7. Just click the blue speech button at the bottom right of your page. The support offered on this platform isn’t just technical. ManyVids works with a charity called Pineapple Support that specialises in supporting adult content creators. The charity provides online emotional support, allowing creators to connect anonymously with trained listeners about their mental health and everyday struggles.

Prevention against fraud and piracy on ManyVids

Adult content creators need to know that their online safety is a priority when they join a content monetiation platform. ManyFans protects all content and information on its platform through an encrypted connection. All videos are stored on a secure cloud data service that needs an encrypted signature to stream or download. The platform has also partnered with DMCAForce and DigiRegs to offer quality anti-piracy protection. ManyVids automatically looks for any stolen videos, as they can track each video’s unique fingerprint ID. The platform also complies with the DMCA to take down any pirated content on external websites, all you need to do is report it. ManyVids also offers geo-blocking so that you can choose to block certain regions from viewing your content. Despite this being a quality feature to ensure your privacy, the platform limits which regions you can block.

Final Thoughts

ManyVids’ heart is in the right place. The platform seems committed to improving the financial and mental well-being of adult content creators with unique features to maximise their streams of income and resources and help for creators. Models can make money by selling personal items, subscriptions, personalised videos, premium content, and more. The platform clearly values adult content creators, unlike OnlyFans seemingly does not. Adult content creators are free to explore their sexuality on ManyVids, including kinks that are often prohibited by other fan platforms. Although we see eye to eye on these values, ManyVids might not be right for everyone. The platform’s payout percentages depend on the sale type so while creators make 80% off tipping and VIP FanClub revenue, they only make 60% off membership and video revenue. Unfortunately, ManyVids also has a minimum payout of $50 and inflexible payout frequency which might not meet the needs of creators with a lower income. 

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