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  • Experiencing exponential growth.
  • Great for French & European creators.
  • Growing global audience.
  • Ethical and responsible owners.
  • "Premium" design with great features
  • Higher than average rev share (75/25)

Traffic stats

Visits Per Month5.8 Million
Average Visit Duration3 Mins 32 Secs
Pages Per Visit6
Bounce Rate44%
*Traffic volumes and stats are estimated from available data. Last updated February 2022.

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MYM Fans traffic review

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MYM Fans Review

What is MYM Fans?

Created in 2019, MYM is a social network from France that is growing in popularity in Europe, particularly in French-speaking countries. With 8 million fans, MYM is quickly turning into the “OnlyFans of Europe”. This platform allows creators and performers to share content with their fans. From music, fashion, and adult content, 200,000 MYM creators share their exclusive and personalised content. Fans can subscribe to creators to view their private feeds and even contact them directly to request personalised content. Creators are able to post stories, photos, videos, and even live stream their content on the quickly growing platform. 

MYM fans review

We love that MYM holds ethical values and is a platform that adult content creators can be proud of. Unlike most adult content platforms, MYM has an ethics committee that oversees issues such as women’s rights, cyber security, and digital rights. They believe in giving power back to content creators by giving them control over their content and growing their community through unique features. MYM also offers creators the option to donate part of their income to a charity of their choice.

mym charity, read for reviews

What kind of content is allowed on MYM Fans?

MYM is marketed as a “premium” social network. If you browse their website, you’ll find no mention of adult content. Instead, MYM aims to target mainstream markets such as the health, fitness, culinary, and gaming industries. However, do not be alarmed by this. There are thousands of adult content creators on the platform and this type of content is definitely allowed. But do be careful with the type of adult content you put out on this platform. Although specific guidelines have not been put in place regarding sexually explicit content, parts of MYM’s general terms and conditions of sale are nuanced. For example, you will violate the platform’s standards if you encourage violence, as well as insult others. This could potentially mean that some BDSM and degrading kink content could be banned on the platform. Therefore, if you are unsure, make sure to check whether your content is authorised with customer support before posting. 

What features does MYM Fans have for creators to make money?

how to make money on MYM fans reviews

The main way to make money on MYM is through paid subscriptions. You can choose between four subscription prices: €9.99, €19.99, €49.99, and €99.99 a month. You can also set up a quarterly offer, where for the latter subscription, for example, fans pay €399.99 for 6 months.

MYM fans monetisation and subscriptions

Personalised Content

Users can also ask creators for personalised content, a dedicated feature that is quite innovative amongst MYM competitors. Creators can choose to accept or reject requests and can even block users if they are unhappy with them for whatever reason. For adult content, a request might be for a certain nude photograph, set of photos or a specific sexual act on video. This feature allows adult content creators to maximize their income by charging higher prices for such premium content.

Push Media

Another way to make money on MYM is through push media. Creators on the platform can send media to current and former subscribers, as well as followers who can choose to purchase the content to unlock it. Private content that must be paid for will be automatically blurred by the platform when sent out as pushed media. This is a simple promotion tool that allows you to price your content how you like and can also help to engage your followers, former subscribers and drive revenue.

push media on MYM Fans

SuperStar Program

Creators can also make use of MYM’s SuperStar Program where they get a small star next to their username. This small star goes a long way money-wise. If you get this type of account, you earn an extra 1% commission and your profile will be found more often in searches for one month. To become a SuperStar you need to certify your account with a valid ID card, post at least twice a week, respond to 90% of messages within 48 hours, and have at least 50 subscribers.

Discount Code System

MYM also has a beneficial discount code system to help creators grow their community and make money. Creators get to choose their coupon name, the validity of the coupon, and whether the discount is in percentage or euros. They can also select whether to provide a discount on a subscription or specific media. The wide range of discount options available goes to show that MYM is committed to giving back control to content creators and allowing them to easily and conveniently engage and encourage subscribers.

MYM discount code system
mym fans voucher administration


Last but not least, MYM has an attractive sponsorship system for creators. Also known as a referral program on other platforms, you earn a whopping 10% of income from all of the creators who sign up through your personal sponsorship link.

Payout Options For Creators on MYM

MYM offers two payout options, via Bank Transfer (ACH/SEPA) or PayPal. You can payout above €50, an amount that is quite low in comparison to other platforms. Payments are automatic and will be generated twice a week, once a week, twice a month, or once a month, depending on which you choose.

How to promote my MYM page? 

If you want to make decent revenue on MYM, you must know how to successfully promote your creator page. There are two main ways to do this, both off-site and on-site. 

First, utilize other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter to promote your account. Share your profile on these social networks and make sure to regularly post about your MYM account. Make sure that you are following the guidelines of each social media platform, as most do not allow nudity or sexually explicit content (Twitter excluded). When linking your MYM profile on social media such as through Instagram Stories, make sure to mention access to more exclusive content. This way, you are more likely to redirect your fans to your profile and convert them into subscribers.

The reality is that the larger your following on these platforms, the easier it will be to increase your income. However, you can always also make use of platforms such as Reddit that are also more open to NSFW content. If you post regularly on subreddits that allow adult content, you don’t need a large social media following to generate traffic to your profile.

Second, promotion on the actual MYM platform is also important. To make sure your profile is viewed by potential fans, you need to make sure your content is highlighted on the MYM feed. The homepage feed is generated using a set of algorithms that you must learn how to manipulate and gain exposure. If you want to be highlighted on this feed, there are a set of criteria you need to meet:

  • Being active on the platform
  • Public post (unblurred)
  • HD quality post
  • Full-length photos
  • Face visible
  • No text or graphical images
  • Suggestive but not explicit content

This last one might have scared you. However, you can still trick the algorithm and rank high on MYM’s feed even though you are an adult content creator. Just make sure to have a number of (unblurred) posts that meet these criteria. You can still produce content that is sexually suggestive and will lead fans to subscribe to your page for more explicit content.

How does MYM make money?

Like all the other platforms out there, MYM makes money by taking a percentage of your earnings. The platform does this quite differently, however. While most platforms have a flat rate that usually does not exceed 20%, it varies on MYM depending on the type of post. The platform takes 25% for subscriptions, 20% for private media, and only 10% for tips. This is MYM’s payout percentage to run the site. However, you are also charged for bank charges at 7%, although MYM is working to reduce these. VAT is charged to EU fans, you do not pay this. The platform then pays this to the state. 

Confused? Let’s go through an example. Imagine you sell private media to a fan in the EU for €100. Your fan would pay €100 + 20% VAT, so €120. Since the VAT goes to the state, this leaves you with €100. The bank charges for such a transaction would be €8.40 (at the 7% bank charge rate), so after subtracting that from your €100, you have €91.60. Since MYM takes a 20% cut for private media, you multiply €91.60 by 80% and finally get €73.28 in your bank account.

How easy is MYM Fans to use for creators? 

MYM has a similar layout to OnlyFans and the user experience is quite similar. However, the web design is much cleaner (they’ve opted for dark as the default) and modern, making it easier on the eyes. MYM also makes it incredibly easy to set up a profile and to start posting. It takes less than 24 hours to be certified on the platform. MYM’s tools such as the sponsorship system and push media are convenient and easy to navigate. You won’t have issues using this platform if you’re a seasoned OnlyFans or other content monetisation platform user.

Is MYM good for fans? 

MYM has over 2 million fans, a large number for a European platform created in 2019. All around, this platform is well-reviewed by fans. Fans can access the platform for free and decide with creators to subscribe to depending on their budget, interests, fetishes and sexual preferences. Fans find that many creators offer discount codes, as well as quarterly subscription discounts. Subscriptions can also be stopped at any time, giving fans the freedom to change their minds at any point. MYM is also a highly personal and interactive platform that allows fans to make requests to creators for private media, as well as chat with creators. Overall the experience for fans is excellent.

What is MYM’s customer support like?

MYM seems committed to supporting content creators on the platform. Although their support does not include a webchat option, you can easily contact them. You can message MYM on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We tried it ourselves and the customer support team is quickly responsive and knowledgeable about the platform. If you also click the “need help” button on your creator profile, you are redirected to a webpage of creator support that is likely to have the information you are looking for. From payout details to how to block a subscriber, you can find almost everything on there.

MYM fans customer support

Am I protected against fraud and piracy on MYM?

MYM is highly concerned with keeping content creators safe and has implemented a strict protection protocol. Fans are prohibited from saving and sharing a creator’s media outside the network and will be banned if they do so. The platform has introduced technologies to protect creators’ media such as fans not being able to record the screen on their mobile phone and disabling methods of saving media.

MYM is with you every step of the way. If you detect that your content was shared on another website, you should report this. MYM will then contact the user, have the content removed on the external website, and even establish a formal legal notice with the help of the law firm MSM Huissiers & Associés.

Final Thoughts

MYM is making its place in the industry and is a platform to look out for in 2022. With over 200,000 creators, this premium social network is particularly popular in French-speaking countries but has the potential for large global growth. A company that stands true to its values of empowering content creators, MYM offers innovative features to help creators maximise their income. From push media to a SuperStar program, if creators put in the time and effort, there is no reason why they cannot succeed using the money-making features on this platform to become a great success.

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4 Responses

  • BB4 says:

    I was initially put off, what with it being a French site and what not, but I very quickly started getting followers and subscribers after adding it to my linktree. I think it’s more well known than people give it credit for and as a platform I really like it. I use Onlyfans, Fansly and MYM but I think MYM is my favourite because of its simplicity. It reminds me of a pay-walled Instagram, with a bive design and easy to use. Agree its one to watch in the near future.

    • Avatar photo
      admin says:

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      The platform is certainly experiencing exponential growth right now, so there’s plenty of other people who are enjoying using the site just like you. We feel the platform’s simplicity appeals to some creators while others may be put off due to having a richer feature set elsewhere. As we understand it however, the MYM fans team are busy developing and releasing new features that will bring it inline with other OnlyFans competitors. 2022 will certainly be a BIG year for MYM.

  • JK says:

    Yes, it’s a really great platform, slick features and good interface.. but I’m struggling to make decent money on MYM Fans. Maybe it’s because I’m not based in Europe, but struggling to get my revenue on MYM over $1k per month…

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