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  • 85% rev share
  • Kink friendly.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Innovative creator features.
  • $100 minimum payout.
  • Low traffic (but growing)

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Average Visit Duration1 Min 25 Secs
Pages Per Visit2.9
Bounce Rate41%
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Unlockd Review

What is Unlockd?

Unlockd is a UK based social media platform that allows you to monetise your social following. Creators can convert fans into paying customers and monetise their personal brand. Fans pay a monthly subscription fee to view exclusive content such as photographs, videos and even private chats. With over 1 million active fans and over 52,000 content creators, Unlockd is growing quickly and clearly doing something right. The platform seeks to democratise the industry and follows the motto of “Earn more, Pay less”. Unlockd seems to cater to adult content creators, stating that the platform is 100% judgement-free. The social media platform is committed to taking the feedback of creators seriously and implementing changes that are on board with their opinions. Unlockd has some of the lowest fees in the industry, reflecting the company’s promise to maximise the earnings of creators, rather than exploiting them.

Is Unlockd Kink Friendly?

If you’re worried that your adult content might get you banned from a platform, Unlockd might be the right home for you. Unlockd allows all (legal) kink content to be shared by creators and promises to not to change its rules, or be indecisive on what content is allowed, (mentioning no names here!) Unlockd welcomes all types of content such as food and music creators, but it is clear that this platform predominantly caters to adult content creators.

A Look at Unlockd’s Features

Getting discovered on overly saturated platforms is one of the biggest issues creators face in this industry. Unlockd’s discovery page has been programmed to tackle this issue. The platform’s algorithm does not prioritise creators with large audiences over smaller creators. Creators just need to make sure they are regularly posting content to have just as much chance as anyone else to succeed. Unlockd’s homepage allows fans to discover new creators every day, a feature that many other platforms don’t offer. Unlockd also has a recommendation AI that will suggest creators with fan accounts that tend to look for similar content. It’s clear that this platform does not leave smaller creators behind and is committed to democratising adult content creation.


Although Unlockd does not market itself as a camming website, the platform has great livestreaming features. Creators can livestream with a group of fans, as well as 1-1 for a more exclusive experience. You have full control of what content to upload (within legal reasoning) and you can price these as you which.

Private messaging

Unlockd has some attractive messaging features with a wide variety of ways in which creators can connect with fans. Creators can set up automatic messages that are sent whenever something specific occurs. When a fan subscribes, unsubscribes or tips, you can have a tailored message set up that is sent out at that time. The platform also allows you to mass message all your subscribers, as well as privately message them. However, all of this is optional. You can have your messages turned off and even block specific users from messaging you. But messaging your fans does help you grow engagement and build a long-lasting customer base.

unlockd messaging review

Premium Snapchat

Unlockd offers an innovative feature called Premium Snapchat that enables you to sell subscription to your premium snaps. Creators add videos and photos to their premium Snapchat that fans pay for to access. This is a great way to offer more than a standard feed and keep your fans engaged and give them a sneak peek of your other content to increase subscriptions. It’s also a great way to keep fans constantly updated with your life, behind the scenes footage or anything else they may find interesting or a turn on. You can activate this feature by going to your subscriptions section in your settings.

unlockd snapchat review


Much like many other OnlyFans Alternatives, Unlockd allows you to set offers and discounts for your potential fans. This can often encourage them “over the line” into a paid subscription which obviously helps you grow your monthly revenue as a content creator.

unlockd offers and discounts review

How to make money on Unlockd?

Unlockd has paid out over 60 million pounds to content creators. The platform’s main focus is to make sure creators are being paid what they are worth. Creators are treated like the business partners they are. Unlockd’s features make it easy for creators to monetise their following. The platform says that creators have doubled or even tripled their subscription incomes using its features. This platform also allows content creators to have total control over their content by allowing them to sell all their price points, unlike other platforms.

how to make money on unlockd


The main way creators make money on Unlockd is through paid monthly subscriptions. Your profile will always have parts of it that are free to view, such as images and clips. These should not be too sexually explicit. This will entice fans to subscribe to get access to the exclusive content that is hidden behind the paywall. You can set up your monthly subscription price in the “my offers” section under settings. You can set the price at whatever rate you would like, but these commonly cost between $5 and $15.

unlockd subscriptions

Premium Content

Content creators can charge fans for premium content who are looking to see some fresh content. This helps creators generate extra income, rather than relying on your subscription fees alone. Adult content creators suggest that premium content should target a specific niche such as a foot fetish so that you can charge higher prices. Content creators usually charge between $5 and $50 for premium content on the platform depending on the niche, kink and length of the content.

Custom Content

Creators can also make money by charging for custom content. You can activate this option in your settings, allowing fans to reach out to you for requests. Since this content is so exclusive, some adult content creators charge more than $100 depending on the request, kink, niche and content length. You can easily decline requests you are unhappy with.

custom content on unlockd

Premium Snapchat

On top of your main paid subscription, you can set up a Premium Snapchat. Fans are charged an extra monthly subscription to view your Snapchat content. This allows you to keep your fans engaged while earning two monthly fees, as well as extra from your premium and custom content.

Referral Program

The Unlockd Ambassador Program is a referral program where you receive a commission-based income of 7.5% on any revenue that your referrals get. Creators you refer do not lose revenue over this program. This is the easiest way to make some passive income on Unlockd, while still helping new creators start their careers. You can check how much you’re making with this program on your financials page, where the balance appears monthly. 

unlockd referrals

Communicating with fans

Connecting with your fans is one of the most effective ways of increasing your income on an adult platform. Unlockd offers features that can help you do just that, such as livestreaming. 

Unlike other platforms, Unlockd is against adult content creators having to beg fans for tips or even livestreaming for free. You can also make money by chatting with your fans. You can charge per message as a one-time purchase or include chatting in your subscription package. Fans can also just hit the “tip me” button on your profile to send you some extra cash. They are more likely to do so if you have engaged with them on a personal level through these communication tools. 

Promoting your Unlockd page

The easiest way to succeed on Unlockd is by promoting yourself on social media. An Instagram story with a safe for work sneak peek goes a long way. Having a large social media following is helpful, but Unlockd’s algorithm does not prioritise large creators. You can still succeed on the platform by using other promotion tactics. Make use of forums such as Reddit to promote your profile where your follower count isn’t a dealbreaker. Just make sure to always comply with the standards and regulations of these platforms. Another way to grow your following is by collaborating with Unlockd creators, as well as OnlyFans creators. This way, you can both grow your following while targeting both of your audiences. Creators can also offer 7-day free trials, just make sure your content is good enough for these fans to extend their subscriptions.

Payouts and withdrawals on Unlockd

Unlockd was created because the founders felt like content creators were handing over too high of a percentage to companies. The platform only takes 15% of your earnings, one of the lowest revenue shares on the market. Other platforms take at least 20%. Unlockd keeps its fees low by developing relationships with payment providers and optimising its platform to be able to afford this. The minimum withdrawal amount on Unlockd is $100, which is quite high. However, creators can pay out every week via ACH/Bank transfer. The platform also offers chargeback protection, meaning you will always get paid for your content, even if you have had a chargeback.

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Is Unlockd easy to use for creators? 

Unlockd’s website is clean, minimal and modern, unlike some other mainstream platforms that have an outdated look and feel. Setting up your profile is a quick process as the interface is simple and intuitive to navigate. You don’t need to be a tech expert or have experience with an adult content platform to get comfortable on this website. The verification process can take a while, but keep in mind that the platform has a small team and get hundreds of applications a day. Unlockd does not have an app available on iOS or Google Play, but the website works well on smartphones and tablets.

Is Unlockd good for fans? 

Although it’s clear that Unlockd’s main focus is catering to content creators, fans are not left out. Finding content creators is effortless through the platform’s discover page where fans can also spot new talent. Fans can also find creators that cater to their niches, interests, and budgets through the discover page’s filters. The platform also allows fans to unsubscribe at any time. Overall this is a great platform for fans as well as creators.

unlocked for fans

Does Unlockd offer good customer support?

We only have good things to say about Unlockd’s support. The platform prides itself on having an “actual human UK based team” that manages the support chat, helping creators with payments, features, and anything else. You won’t be left for days without a response, they get back to you in a few minutes. It gets better. Each creator is given an account manager who supports them on the platform and answers any queries necessary. You can contact support on the web chat, Facebook. or through email at support@unlockd.me. You can also check out the platform’s FAQ that has detailed answers to over 100 creator questions.

Privacy & Security

Adult content creators want to be in control of their content and know that they are safe online. Controlling who gets to see your content is impossible on most platforms. With Unlockd’s Geo-targeting feature, content creators can block certain countries from viewing their profiles. If you don’t want your family from a certain country to view your content, this feature is perfect for you. You can activate geo-targeting in your profile’s settings. 

Unlockd also complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that makes sure all creators own their content. The platform is also always open to helping creators remove content that has been stolen and shared on external websites. With a strict policy for fraud, any buyer caught committing fraud is instantly banned.


For far too long, we’ve seen sites like OnlyFans make money off the back of adult content creators without the proper recognition they deserve. In terms of its values and ethics, Unlockd is quite the opposite. Not only can content creators be paid what they’re worth by setting their own prices, but the platform also only take 15% of revenue, the lowest rev share amongst the bigger platforms. A platform that is 100% judgment-free and sex-positive, Unlockd is dedicated to meeting the standards of adult content creators. You will never have to worry about this platform turning its back on adult content creators and banning sexually explicit content. In fact, Unlocked is kink-friendly and allows creators to be in total control of their content. With features such as Premium Snapchat and the Ambassador Program, creators can bump up their earnings and achieve financial freedom.

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