Making money on OnlyFans?

Running an OnlyFans account can be tremendous amounts of fun, incredibly rewarding a great boost to your confidence but more importantly, a great way to make some extra money! Some creators are able to grow such a following that the financial aspect becomes so significant that they are able to give up work, focus on OnlyFans full-time and make huge sums of monthly revenue.

Time to expand onto sites like OnlyFans?

Whether you’re a full-time OnlyFans creator raking in the big bucks, or you make a small but important income from the site, there will probably be a point in time when you start to think about expanding your reach, growing your audience elsewhere and begin to research other sites like Onlyfans to make money. If that’s the case, you’re in luck! This site is dedicated to helping you find the best OnlyFans alternative for you. Click the button to see all the OnlyFans alternatives listed on the site or read on to learn all about how to choose the best site like Onlyfans to make money from your exclusive content.

sites like OnlyFans to make money

In this article we’re going to examine some of the considerations when looking for websites like OnlyFans to make money but also some of the top OnlyFans alternatives. We’ll also explain about this site, how we research, analyse and review sites like OnlyFans for traffic and features so that you can ultimately, grow your audience and make more money!


The meteoric rise in popularity of OnlyFans over the last couple of years has spurred a flurry of alternatives and competitor websites being launched. The temporary OnlyFans ban of explicit content acted as a catalyst for even more entrepreneurs and web developers launching new OnlyFans alternatives hoping to take a slice of the market share in the ever growing exclusive social media industry.

But with so many options, alternatives and sites similar to OnlyFans for making money, how do creators know which are worth investing time and effort in to? Here are some important considerations when looking at your options…

Volume of traffic

For those creators with a large, pre-existing social following, the volume of traffic that each OnlyFans competitors receives may be less important than for those creators without an audience. Those models, influencers and social media celebs could very well make decent money on any site similar to OnlyFans because a portion of their audience will always follow them to their new content monetisation platform of choice. However, for the majority of creators who are looking for new platforms to make extra income, the volume of traffic is an important consideration. Without an existing audience and without traffic to a platform, the smaller creator may struggle to make any money whatsoever. That’s why on each of our fan site reviews, we’ve included traffic data from the most reliable third party resource on the internet. If you’ve not yet seen how we present this data, feel free to take a look at our Fansly review or MYM fans review.

Rev Share

While the standard revenue share across the industry is 80/20 (the platform takes 20% of a creator’s revenue), this isn’t always the case. Some platforms take more, others take less and some take varying revenue percentages depending on the sale (e.g subscription, private content, PPV etc). Obviously, the revenue share that you give away as a creator has a direct impact on how much money you will make on each platform so is one of the most important considerations when you’re looking for websites similar to OnlyFans for making money on.

Google trends allows us to look at relative demand on the search engine for each OnlyFans competitor and we include this in each of our reviews. Data in Google trends can be filtered by locale and date range. If you’re considering joining sites like OnlyFans to make money, you’ll likely understand that traffic is important (see above) but ideally, when researching your new platform you’d ideally like to see that demand is not declining or even better, increasing. For example, at the time of writing, we can see on the LoyalFans review that search demand for the brand has been steadily increasing over the last 12 months. With the goal of making money by expanding out to sites similar to OnlyFans, search demand alongside traffic is a great sign of growth of the platform and your potential for making money as a content creator on the platform.

Content Restrictions

If your content caters to a particular niche or fetish, you’ll need to check the terms of service for any new platform that you’re considering joining. Most of the OnlyFans competitors we feature on this site are geared up for adult content creators, however some have slightly more restrictive terms of service in regards to what content is allowed. We include this information in each review.

Platform Features

For the majority of adult creators, their ability to make money from sites like OnlyFans largely depends on the feature set available to them. Here at WhichFanSite we feel that some of the newer OnlyFans competitors have a much wider feature set than the worlds most visited exclusive content platform and it’s worth your while taking the time to understand what features are available to you on each platform. The more monetisation options available to you as a content creator the better your chances of making a decent income from your new platform of choice. However, this is a balancing act between features, traffic and search demand. You can have the most feature rich, all singing, all dancing platform but if it get’s little or no traffic then creators will struggle to make money.

usability of sites like onlyfans for revenue income money


Is the platform is easy to use for both creators and fans? Are the features self explanatory and is the navigation and user experience intuitive? Joining a site like OnlyFans where there is a steep learning curve just to understand the platform will prohibit your ability to make money as a creator. You’ll find a breakdown of usability for both creators and fans in all our reviews

Customer Support

Any online business, website, service or platform should provide great levels of customer support in order to retain and nurture their current client base. When it comes to exclusive social media networks, a platforms speed and ability to help content creators with issues and problems has a direct impact on their ability to make money on the platform. After all, what good is it if you’re unable to post or have an issue going live and you have to wait days or weeks to get the help and support you need to resolve the issue. When you’re looking for sites like OnlyFans to make money we feel it’s important to understand how well the platform does from a customer support perspective and that’s why we’ve included it in every single review. For example, on our ManyVids review we discovered they have the most extensive FAQ section of all platforms meaning that in many circumstances, you can get the answers you require without even having to contact their customer support.

FAQ on websites like OnlyFans money making

Payout options

Once you’ve built up a following, have subscribers, private content clients and have started making money on OnlyFans alternatives, you’ll need to withdraw your earnings at some point. Different platforms have different options in regards to payout dates. For example, some may allow you to withdraw your earnings at any point (given that you are above the withdrawal threshold) while others only pay out on certain days of the month. Also, it’s important to understand how you’ll be paid and what the payment methods are available for each platform. Check out our reviews to discover this important information!

Best Sites Like OnlyFans For Making Money

So, the million dollar question.. what’s the best website like OnlyFans for making money? Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to that question. The best site depends on your current social following, your content niche, your sexuality (for example we recommend Just For Fans to gay creators), your content calendar, your body type, your preference in terms of payout options and rev shares etc. There’s too many considerations to provide a definitive list of the best sites and too many aspects of the content monetisation business are subjective to each content creator. You should definitely use our reviews of all the major OnlyFans alternatives to DYOR….However, factoring in traffic, features, 12 month search demand and overall usability of the platform, we’ve put together this list of the top 5 sites like OnlyFans for making money

Traffic - 20 Million Per Month
Rev Share - 80/20
Note - Similar interface to OnlyFans
Traffic - 5.8 Million Per Month
Rev Share - Various
Note - The "European OnlyFans"
Traffic - 3 Million Per Month
Rev Share - 80/20
Note - Growing quickly in US & UK
Traffic - 17 Million Per Month
Rev Share - Various
Note - Rich feature set
Traffic - 535k Per Month
Rev Share - 85/15
Note - Low traffic but growing in popularity

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