Every month, thousands of people seek out OnlyFans alternatives and similar sites to make money via content monetisation….but what are the motives behind looking for alternatives? Why find an alternative? Why leave OnlyFans? In this blog post we’ll look to answer some of these questions. 

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1. The OnlyFans explicit content ban

On August 19th 2021, OnlyFans announced that it was going to ban explicit content on their platform. Being a platform predominantly made up of adult creators, this obviously sent shockwaves around the online adult industry. OnlyFans cited pressure from banks and payment partners as the reason for the decision. 

The mass exodus of creators was immediate. Many creators opened an account at Fansly, a website like OnlyFans to make money via adult content. Fansly’s website crashed after reportedly receiving 4,000 new creator sign-ups per hour!

Within 6 days, OnlyFans changed their minds. In a statement on Twitter they said they had decided to “suspend the planned policy change”:

The wording here is extremely important. According to vocabulary.com:

suspension is a temporary stoppage


Although the reversal was welcomed by many, it didn’t go unnoticed that OnlyFans used the word “suspended”. These OnlyFans creators who by now were feeling nervous about their livelihood and let down by OnlyFans, got little reassurance from a “suspension” of the ban. They started to seek out OnlyFans alternatives in order to move their content creation business away from OnlyFans and on to a new platform where they would feel secure and acknowledged.

2. OnlyFans Poor Customer Service

OnlyFans has a rating of 1.5 stars on Trustpilot. In anyone’s books, that’s a very poor rating and shows a huge level of customer dissatisfaction.

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Grievances about the platform range from content being leaked, creator’s taking money and not producing the content, creators being unable to sign up, poor customer service and many many more! We’ve heard plenty of horror stories about OnlyFans’ customer support and for some creators, it’s bad enough to warrant seeking a new home for their business.

3. Income Diversification

While OnlyFans is the most well-known adult content monetisation platform with the most traffic, there are certainly plenty of other sites like OnlyFans which provide a similar service and in many cases offer improved usability, better features for content creators and a broader set of discovery features for fans.

These sites have their own user base of fans who are often not on OnlyFans. Having the ability to reach these fans and grow their audience on a new platform is appealing for creators. It’s both a way to diversify and increase your monthly revenue. As the old adage goes:

Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket!

4 . Creator was banned

Sometimes creators are banned and require a new home for their content monetisation business. Sometimes the creator may have made a mistake and uploaded content that does not adhere to OnlyFans terms of use, or perhaps they had lots of complaints from fans.

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However, often the ban is controversial and little insight or help is offered from OnlyFans customer support. This can be very frustrating for creators who have spent the time to build a business on OnlyFans, only to have it taken away in an instant. This further increases dissatisfaction with OnlyFans and the banned creators will look for a new home in the majority of cases.

5. Better Platforms

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OnlyFans is the 2005 MySpace of the exclusive social media world – well known with high traffic, but becoming outdated with poor usability, lack of features and dissatisfaction with their service. While other platforms have adapted to the changing industry by adding innovative new features for creators to monetise their content and their time, Onlyfans has been left behind. There are now plenty of sites like OnlyFans which share the look and feel of the world’s most well known monetisation platform but have the inclusion of better features and improved usability. Many creators seek out these platforms to improve their overall experience of their content monetisation business.

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  • Jemma says:

    I’ve simply had enough of their terrible customer service and also the looming threat of them reverting their explicit content ban. Fansly is good, I like it there but currently looking for some more options to further diversify. Great site you have here, thanks for the reviews.

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