There was an interesting thread and conversation happening over at the popular Reddit “OnlyFansAdvice” yesterday, 12th January…

One OnlyFans creator had been told by a sub that they were no longer able to comment on her posts. She did the sensible thing and turned to OnlyFans support for an answer. As you’ll see from above they claimed that there was a new update meaning that “subscribers would have to spend at least $1.00 on a creator’s account before being able to comment on their posts.”

Bit of a stir

This caused a bit of a stir amongst the creators in the Reddit group, one creator saying:

While another commented:

From what we can gather this was an update to free accounts only. If you have a paid account where followers must pay a subscription fee to view your page and content, then there is no change. If however, your page is free, followers must send at least $1.00 in tips before they can comment on your posts.

We suspect the update was to prevent spam that had been on the increase over the last few weeks where robots were commenting on the posts within free pages. While some creators were a little upset and confused, it appears that others understood the logic and welcomed the change:

Do you have any thoughts on this most recent OnlyFans update? Let us know below in the comments…

3 Responses

  • Diane says:

    I’m pretty sure this is an option you can switch in or off from your settings?

    • Avatar photo
      admin says:

      Apparently not since this update. Onlyfans have introduced it as a method of reducing spam following a large upsurge in bot spam messages being sent via the messaging system.

  • says:

    I was really annoyed when I first encountered this on OnlyFans. However, the ridiculous amount of spam comments flooding my free account made me calm down. However…it was short lived because unfortunately, it’s not working! I am STILL as of this week getting spam comments.

    Not sure what they were going for here but it’s annoying to have a big loss of engagement from actual subscribers and STILL be dealing with all of the promotional spam!

    Really hope they get it together soon. Lot’s of major issues lately.

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